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The Professor

Not Just a Friend…an Ally

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     I just finished an 18-Mythos game (approximately 3 hours) in which Trish,  Leo , Darrell, and  Charlie attempted to seal away the dreaded  Atlach -Nacha.  During the first four turns in my game s, as I use all of the expansions, Gates only open in Arkham…Fortunately, the first several cards revealed Gates at Wizard's Hill (Dunwich) and Devil's Reef (Innsmouth), along with a Double-Doomer (ignored, along with Rumors), though I did have one Mythos card reveal two Gates, but no Doom Tokens added to the Doom Track.  However, the Investigators did encounter a Mystic Environment Card which caused them to add one  Doom Token  to the Doom Track in order to return Act I to the deck. 

     Over the next four rounds Gates appeared with some regularity around town, but the curious thing was that the   Investigators   were able to travel so quickly around town and between towns…one of the primary reasons was that both   Charlie   and  Darrell  had   Retainers   from the beginning o f the game (Charlie's   Ally   allowe d the immediate possesseion of the   Retainer  ), and Leo had a   Relationship   with Darrell that allowed  one member of the  Relationship  to   gain  $1 if the other gained $1 or more.  Needless to say, by the end of the game, the group, wile it spent a fair amount on   Unique    Items , Spells, and  travel, still had nearly $60! 

     Fortunately, as well, the Terror Track never rose above '3' thanks to Charlie and the Investigators either suffered sMonster Surges or new Gates.  At no time, did A-N cause a Gate Burst (nor did a single Mythos card!).  Around town, the Investigators Passed their Personal Stories, except Leo and sealed Gates at the ones most likely not to return, such as the  Historical Society  and the Graveyard, along with two Dunwich locations (Gardner's Place and Wizard's Hill ), and one in Innsmouth (Devil's Reef).

     The     Investigator 's    won the game with a  score of 20, for those of you keeping score at home…and that's after the team purchased five allies which would have accounted for another 10 points.  Interestingly, if the game had gone to a    Final Battle   , the seven   Allies   along  with at least one  Unique  Item which the Inve  sigators would have used to cancel the AO's attack for o ne round, would have made it a very close combat…but in the end,    Trish  ,  Leo , Darrell, and  Charlie saved Arkham!  

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