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Varnias Tybalt

Varnias Tybalt's (aka Coffe_Kanon's) art

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I cranked these two illustrations out recently in order to establish a feel for my character concept.

Here he is! Cristobal Nihilius, also known as "The Blood Red Sandman". Last surviving member of the Sinophia Magna Moritat cell (believed to have eliminated the rest of the Sinophian moritats singel handedly). Wanted for several accounts of murder.


Here is another pic of him demasked and bloody:


The concept is heavily inspired by the song "Blood Red Sandman" by Finnish monster-rock band Lordi. What I wanted to do was create an Assassin with a slightly more disturbing twist involving several moral dilemmas. Assassins are usually either leather-clad Ninja clones, or misanthropic snipers, whereas this particular Assassin is more of a Hannibal Lecter/Dexter Morgan kind. Instead of an overt combat monster he seeks out his victims by day dressd as a civilian and seem quite harmless, and later sneaks into their homes by night wearing his red body glove (fashioned to resemble a flayed human body while worn), Slaughterman's apron and medicae-mask. For ritualistic reasons he doesnt clean out the bloodstains resulting from jhis "work".

In the beginning he was being hunted by his Inquisitor (the reports of several gruesome murders occuring on Sinophia had reached the Ordo Hereticus), however it was to turn out that Cristobal always targeted corrupt and heretical nobles and even went as far as to gather evidence against them before killing them, so technically in the Inquisitions eyes he was "ure" of corruption himself. And this is the moral dilemma: how extreme can the other players allow one of their "colleagues" to be? Who is worse in the long run? The heretics they chase, or the people being sent after them?

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