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Bjorn Rockfist

FAQ Confusing on Obstacles

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Under the GENERAL Section it has this in red.

Q: A ship executes a maneuver in which
its template or final position overlaps
an obstacle. Due to avoiding collisions
with other ships, it ends up stopping
before reaching the obstacle. Does it still
suffer the effects of moving through or
overlapping an obstacle?
A: No.

So I am reading this as the model stops and is placed on the table right in front of the obstacle.

Now lower in the OVERLAPPING Section it has in black.

Q: If a ship’s base overlaps an obstacle
during the previous round, is that ship
automatically considered overlapping the
same obstacle during the next round?
A: No. The ship does not move through or overlap that
same obstacle unless the maneuver template it is
using or its base after executing the maneuver
overlap that obstacle again during the next round.


Q: After a ship moves through or overlaps
more than one obstacle, does the owner
roll an attack die for each of these
A: No. He rolls only one attack die regardless of the
number of obstacle tokens his ship moves through
or overlaps.

I am trying to understand how it doesn't stop and get placed before to avoid the hit…as stated in the first question.

I am new to the game and am really trying to understand the collision rules…they just aren"t making it easy.

Any help in explaining it would be much appreciated.

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In the first quoted Q&A your ship doesn't ever hit the obstacle due to being stopped by another ship, even though the template might have been onthe obstacle past the ship. It really has nothing to do with the other questions. :)

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For the first one, picture in front of your ship, an asteroid with a Large Ship base planted right over the top of it. You're at Range 1, and you're moving 4 forward.

You place the movement template and you notice two things: first, the template overlaps the asteroid beneath the Large Ship. So, by the book, it counts as a collision.

But, then you notice that your movement doesn't carry you far enough forward to make it past the Large ship, so, per the rules, you backtrack along the movement template and end up in base contact with the Large Ship. But, your ship never actually "crossed over" the asteroid. Without the FAQ entry, you'd still have to roll for damage, even though from a "simulation" point of view, you never got near it. So, FFG decided no, that makes no sense, you don't roll for damage.


For the Second question, picture two scenarios where you've landed on an asteroid. In the first, your front half is on the rock, and your back half is in empty space. Since your movement template next turn will necessarily overlap the rock you're on, you'll have to roll for collision again next turn. (This sucks, avoid it if possible.) Alternately, if you ended your previous turn with your back end on the rock, with your front end in empty space, next turn you will fly away free, and your template and final position won't touch it.


For the Third question, it's simply a clarification that you will only ever roll one damage die per Activation Phase for Obstacle collision. Two asteroids at Range 1 from one another, a Forward-5 is long enough that it could cross both of them. But you only check to see if the Obstacle Collision condition is satisfied once, and only roll for damage once.

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