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What to do with descent v1 stuff (without minies)

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Hello Everyone,

I bought descent v2 and just became crazy about this games.
So I bought the conversion kit and all descent v1 games (base game + expansions) in which there were minies. I even got an Altar of despair biggrin.gif

So, I have got some spare monsters minies that I do not use (because the conversion kit does not use all v1 stuff).
I also have all the tiles, tokens & cards of descent v1 that I do not use.

Do you think some people would be interested by the descent v1 game and its expansion without the minies ?

What is the best place to sell that ? ebay ? …

I have: 
Descent (base game) in english
Altar of despair in english.
Ice Tomb in french (I have two sets of tiles for this one, I do not know why the shop sent it to me that way.)
Well of Darkness in french.

Thank you for your suggestions.

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If you had gotten the Roads expansion, you could use the tuck boxes.

I use the experience tokens as experience points for everyone instead of tracking. I use the gold pieces instead of tracking.

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sell the stuff peace meal on e-bay and recyle the rest…or make cool art deco coffe tables out of the other parts and sell them on ebay too…or regift them at christmas…or hide them in easter eggs…


point is…they dont really mix with the 2nd addtion stuff…so they are obsolite.  the fate of old games.


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