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"It should've worked! IT SHOULD'VE WORKED!"

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Kate, Darrell, Mandy, Monteray and Wilson, base game+DH+Lurker, full on with the Herald.  Yog-Sothoth, first time with him as AO.

Here and at BGG I asked for help about throttling the Lurker itself, even though I thought it would take a few games for my players to figure out the exploit.  But we have a new guy, recently moved to town and looking for gamers, with 200+ games of AH under his belt.  I like him, good guy, very experienced player.  He can catch rules that we miss, and has.  I like him at the table.

The only house rule that I implemented with Lurker (we have a few, generally speaking with the base game, but not many) was that you couldn't use your Power in the same turn you get it.  I had thought that it might be trouble to keep up with how much Power was gained in which turn, there's enough to keep up with already, but I figured it wouldn't come up until we were used to making deals with the devil. 

First turn I could, I got a bound ally.  Nobody else bit, but the new guy?  He said, guys watch THIS: and tapped for all three pacts at once.  Before long he had 15 or more power tokens as Kate, verbalizing himself as crackling with energy.  He then proceeded to NOT DO ANYTHING.  I actually get his strategy: he'd played enough that he knew there were hot spots on the map for opening gates, and parking Kate there meant we could control the flow of what was going on.  Savvy stuff, and something I might have done myself in different circumstances.  But the man's got 15 "clue tokens;" I'm surprised he thought he was being more productive as the cork in the bottle instead of as a gate sealer.  And he didn't really spend them down, so…

We got the Reckoning card that added a doom token per five Power on all players.  I am innocent of all wrong doing, but at a Doom Track of three, now we had jumped to six thanks to his fifteen.  I think an in-game effect added a doom token just prior and that it was only turn 2 at this point.  Then we had a dual gate opening, and massive monster movement, and four brand new monsters on the board.  Also two new Reckoning cards  It was going downhill quickly.  No one was even in a gate and we had four open.

Then, up in Dunwich, realizing that everything was going to hell anyway, Wilson made a deal with a different demon for some spells to give to a dedicated caster, and the punishment was to draw a SECOND Mythos card after the next one. 

A monster surge, when the time came.  And the second? 

Dual gate opening. 

Six gates.

Everybody say hi to Yog-Sothoth.

"Hi, Yog-Sothoth."

Anybody without a gate token gets devoured.  That's the start of battle.

And nobody did.  We barely had two people coming out of gates at all. 

Four turns.  I never even got to be First Player. 

It was GLORIOUS.  We all just stared at the board.  Barely an hour and a half spent playing.  Not enough evening to start a new game of…  well, anything.  But plenty of evening left to… well, blame people.

And thus the quote at the topic of my report.  Thomas, the new guy, whom I hope to play with a lot… "It should've worked!  It should've worked!"

I got a text this evening from one of the gang:  "Do you want to try a different game this week?" 

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Excellent post; it highlights why this is my favourite game of all time- nothing is certain! I've never had as quick a defeat as that, but the game has teased us by letting us think that we were breezing through it right until it decided it had enough and it was time for us to lose, just as we thought we were going to win!

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