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Hello All,


If there is a monster on the entrace tile (in the forward row), can a reinforced shawdow dragon spawn infront of the monster, off the entrance tile? Or does it spawn behind the monster, taking up 2 spaces of the back row entrance tile and with its 4 other spaces off the map?

Also, with the large monsters, if the entrance tile is empty, can it spawn with the monster taking up just the 2 forward spaces on the entrance tile and then 2 on the next tile, leaving the back two spaces empty? or does it have to use up as many spaces on the entrance as possible? 


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A) As with normal large monster movement you must be able to fully expand wherever the monster ends its turn. So, no, you can't "hang" the large monster off the entrance tile. You must place it nearest the entrance tile wherever it can fully expand.


B) This is legal.

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