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quick question for fantasy flight

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I play the anima beyound fantasy game, and others.  I wonder why the company puts out material that is out of order with the rest of the books.  The books of Arcanum, and Promethium exxet both use rules that are covered in the core exxet rule book, not only have you not released that book but it appears that you have no intention of releasing it.  Then there is the amount of time that you take to release the materials as well as lack of support.  I'm sorry, but you have an established world with a set storyline and yet not moduals to work with.  I'm sorry, but I've been playing RPGs for over 30 years, and I really do enjoy this one, but the method of distribution seems to be lackong as well as what appears to be a short fall of logistics on your part.  Please people think of the people think of purchase the material, the ones who have waite the years on years for you to get the stuff to us.

Sorry and thank you for your time

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