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The Professor

The Man of the Hour…Harvey Walters

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"University professor Harvey Walters has become a legend of mythic proportions following the events which unfolded over the past few months.  Not the tottering academician most saw walking the halls of the prestigious Miskatonic buildings, several townsfolk had seen Dr. Walters racing through the streets on a vintage motorcycle and displaying a vigor hereto fore unseen…"

excerpt from the Arkham Advertiser

In the last game, which included Wilson, Michael, Hank, and Harvey, all of the men did exceptionally well sealing gates, ridding the towns of monsters, and ensuring the Rifts stayed closed.  Of particular note were Wilson's two identical encounters at the Unvisited Isle which yielded him four Spells each time.

As for Harvey, he did exceptionally well, and there were two particular times worth mentioning.  The first was when a Mi-Go left the confines of the Black Cave and encountered Wilson in the Rivertown streets during the Mythos Phase.  Just up the road in the Easttown streets, Harvey saw the assault and raced, in a circuitous pattern due to an Environment card which demanded movement along black arrow paths, around to assist Wilson.  Of course, he had significant self-interest in performing the task.  He took the Shotgun from Wilson and sprayed lead into the creature, yielding a Unique item and passing his Personal Story.  Thanking Harvey, Wilson turned over his Motorcycle to help the old man get around town a bit easier…which leads us to…

On a later   Upkeep   phase, he cast    Heal    and gaining two succeses in the process nearly fully-healed himself and  granted both he and   Wilson   an increase in Sa  nity due to their  Relationship  card    Mystic Knight s   .  He then hopped aboard his    Motorcycle   a nd raced to the   Library  , stopping to use the   Tome ,   Book    of  Dzyan,   and gaining the Spell Shrivelling.  During the encounter in the Library, he was able to make a Lore check which y ielded him another Spell…yes, Shrivelling! 

In the end, Harvey possessed the following cards:

Relationship: Mystic Knights

Common Item: Motorcycle

Unique Item: Book of Dzyan

Exhibit Items: Image of the Dark Pharaoh

Spells: Enchant Weapon, Feeding the Mind, Heal, Shrivelling x 2

Skills: Ancient Language, Egyptologist, Lore, and Stealth

 Allies:  Ammi Pierce and David Packard

 S pecial: S ilver Twilight Lodge Membership

Detriment: Tainted




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