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Stark/Targ Help

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(note: this is also on the general discussion page. I'm new to the site, so I didn't get the location of all the sub categories down yet)

So I've decided to undertake a challenge by making a Targ/Stark deck using either the Alliance or Treaty with the North Agenda. I've got it down to kind of where I want it, but I could really use some help polishing it off. (Please no comments about how impossible or crappy this idea is.) The deck uses Targ as the main house to utilize the burn and strength reducing capabilities, and then throws in the cheap bolton armies and some solid Stark characters. What is cool about this is how synergistic some of the Stark cards like Shaggydog and Grey Wind are with burn. The resource scheme is kinda wonky, and I'm forced to go to some alternate strength reducing ideas because of the house lineup, but I enjoy this deck.


Agenda: Treaty With The North

Plot Deck:

Negotiations at the Great Sept

Valar Morghulis

Twist of Fate

Threat from the North

Snowed Under

Battle of Oxcross

Muster the Realm!



2x Dragon Support

1x Wolf Dreams

2x Paper Shield

1x Meraxes

2x Kingsroad Fiefdom

1x Meereen tourney Grounds

1x Flaming-Pitch Tower

1x Grey Wind

1x Shaggydog

1x Northern Fiefdoms

3x Great Keep

1x Lord Eddard's Chambers

1x Khal Drogo's Tent

3x Narrow Sea

1x Street of Steel

1x River Row

3x Flame Kissed

1x Forever Burning

3x Hatchling's Feast

1x Viserion

1x Jhogo

1x Ser Jorah Mormont

1x Daario Naharis

2x Dragon Thief

2x Street Waif

2x Dragon Knight

1x Khal Drogo

1x Old Nan

3x The Flayed Men

1x Ser Kyle Condon

3x The Bastard's Elite

1x Bran Stark

1x Hodor

1x The Red Keep

1x Great Pyramid of Meereen

3x Harried by Dragons

1x Wyman Manderly

1x Damon Dance-For-Me1

1x Rob Stark (core set)

1x The Bastard's Boys

1x Catelyn Stark

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