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Brother Siouxahn

Campaign Idea: Metroplex One.

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Hey all. So I've watched Dredd a few times recently, and while DW does give some pretty good opportunities to get your Judge Dredd fix on, I found myself wondering how valid an all Arbitrator campaign might be. I couldn't help but go out and buy The Book Of Judgement, and now that I've seen the options for Arbites-affiliated characters (Adept-Magistrate, Assassin-Chastner) I'm starting to think that an all Arbites campaign might be pretty awesome. My vision for the campaign is to forgoe an inquisitorial superior in favour of setting the group in a hive city (big enough to be a game world unto itself), and use the investigation mechanics that were introduced in Book of Judgement. I imagine the Arbites as the equivilent of federal police, who mainly get involved in threats to the Adeptus Terra rather than local issues. The players would be given options on cases to investigate, riots to break up, car chases to get involved with and crises to solve, and the crux of the game will be seeing what cases the players choose to investigate, and which ones they choose to ignore as 'local issues'. The world would be effected by which situations they choose to fix or ignore. So my main questions are: do you think that an all-arbites team (including the arbites-affiliates) would work? Are there any really good rules you've seen for car chases? Any good ideas for dealing with jurisdiction or riots? And just any thoughts you might have on how to make the game fun :)     Brother Sue

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Interesting idea. 


You might want to consider an overal adventure arc. Otherwise it will become a weekly episode of COPS & ROBBERS. 

Add such tropes as bureacratic red tape and/or a hostile boss. Include a rival organization (inquisitor & posse or the local enforcers) to steal their thunder, harass them at every turn and hinder their activities. Have one of the players sleep with the boss' wife (or governor's wife). Throw in a rookie…


Perhaps allow some players to play a non-arbites type. Perhaps a scum who is assisting the arbites to earn his freedom. A priest who has been attached to the arbites after complaints to ensure they are pure. Anything is possible or link the presence of the 'interloper' to the adventure arc.



As to vehicle combat rules, Rogue Trader has extensive rules but I would suggest using narrative with players rolling tests based on what they attempt. Keeps it much simpler and allows you to script the scene better.


Otherwise, you might want to try these rules. I think they are from a Dark Reign post I copied a few years back:




Simple Cinematic Vehicle Rules:


Quite simple really, each vehicle has a number of locations and a certain amount of armour per location. During the players´ turn (each vehicle acts on the initiative of the pilot) they have to pilot the vehicle, operate its guns and use any special areas the ship might have. They exchange fire with enemy craft until one or the other is destroyed. A section of craft is destroyed when its armour is reduced to 0.



The Imperial Gun Cutter

Locations: 5, cockpit, Dorsal Turret, Ventral Turret, Rear Hull Sensors and Engines. (DM suggestion: add turrets for each additional player so they can join in the action)

Armour: 100 per location.


Destruction Conditions:

A gun cutter is destroyed if either its cockpit, rear hull sensors or engines armour is reduced to zero. Destroying a turret removes the turret and kills anyone in that section (unless they have a fate point to burn).



1 twin linked lascannon (The upper turret gun), 1 twin linked auto cannons (the dorsal turret) 1 forward firing twin linked autocannon (in the cockpit) and 6 frag or krak missiles (on the wings, activated by the sensors).


The Round

The round is very simple. Every round is split into actions depending where a player is and the skills they have. Alternatively a player can move from one location to another in their turn.


The cockpit:

Requires the pilot military craft skill. Player can make a test and store each rank of success they gain. They can use these ranks of success to discount hits against the ship (this accounts for the vessel jinxing, combat manoeuvres etc) or spend 1 rank of success to activate the forward firing auto cannons (roll to hit as normal).


E.g. ‘Silon Able, a hard bitten guardsman is at the pilot’s seat. He has an agility of 42 and pilot military craft +20. He rolls his pilot test and rolls a 23. A success! He has three full ranks of success to use. He opts to fire the forward firing guns (using 1 rank of success up) and keeps the other two to dodge incoming fire in his enemies turn. Random hit location unless employing aimed fire.


The Gun turrets:

Fairly obvious what a player can do here. They may roll to hit against an enemy target. Damage depends which type of gun they are firing. Random hit location unless employing aimed fire.


The engines:

A player in the engine room can try to coax more power from the engines. Have the player make a tech use test. For each rank of success the pilot gets a +10 on his next pilot military craft check.


The sensors:

These are used to track the enemies movements and to fire the wing mounted missiles. Have a player make a tech use test. For each rank of success they determine an enemy position and relay it to one gun turret. That turret gets a +10 to hit on its next attack. Alternatively the player may use a rank of success to fire a wing mounted missile. Roll to hit as normal. Random hit location unless employing aimed fire.


With these rules it is very easy to piece together a dog fight in space or in a planetary atmosphere or combat between vehicles.




Hope my $0.02 helps….



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I think an Arbite-based game would work just fine. I recommend Fenksworld as the setting: between the constant criminal conspirices in the capitol, the presence of an Imperial Navy Substation, and occasional trips to the ultra-voilent Volg Hive, there should be plenty going on there to keep your players jumping.

For car chases, one mechanic that I've been wanting to try out in DH (but haven't had a chance to yet) is something similar to the 'Rolling Road' rules from the Gorkamorka skirmish game: basically, you designate on vehicle as the 'pace car', and leave that one in the center of the table; then move everything else (vehicles and terrain) relative to the pace car, recycling terrain back to the front of the table when it falls off the back edge.

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Arbite games rock! Here is a idea for what to equip them as a vehicle as I did a "Resident Evil" style Arbite game before

Name: Rhino Armoured Personnel Carrier3 Main Armament: Storm Bolter Forge World of Origin: Mars Secondary Armament: N/A Known Patterns: I-XXXV Traverse: 360° Crew: Driver Elevation: From -65° to +45° Powerplant: Quad MkII Adaptable Thermic Combustor Reactor Main Ammunition: 800 rounds Weight: 30.0 tonnes Secondary Ammunition: N/A Length: 6.6m Armour Width: 4.5m Height: 3.6m Superstructure: 60mm Ground Clearance: 0.44m Hull: 60mm Max Speed - on road 70kph Gun Mantlet N/A Max Speed - off road: 55kph Vehicle Designation: 0120-766-0724-PR113 Tranport Capacity: 10 Firing Ports: 1 Access Points: 3 Turret: N/A

All MET Rhinos have the Following

   Mobile Radios

   Network Capable Montioring system (Short range Bandwidth, Long Range Vox, Auspex)

   Dash cam's (marked vehicles only, can be turned off)

   Box of flex cuffs

   Box of Binders

   Road flares

   Digital camera

   Basic Evidence collection kit

   Traffic cones

   Five Riot-Pump Action Shotguns

   Five helmet and shields storage

   Two Hydrasphur Pattern Lasguns

   One M97 Riot Gernade Launcher

    12x 62mm Gas "Tear" Gernade-

    120x LTL Shotgun Shells

    80x 24mm Shotgun Shells

      4x Energy Pack

    Lock box with key-Ammo in Lock box (supervisors have master)

    Energy Charge Station (Hold Five Shock Mauls-Charges in 20 Minutes)

    Crime scene tape

    Basic Medicae Bag "Jump Bag"- Contains Stimms, Disenfects, Gauss, Adrenaline etc.

    Two Quarts Plume

    72oz Food stuffs

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You could just set it in Mega-City One. Plenty of source material available. Make it episodic.  All the PCs could be Judges.  Use the Dark Heresy Core classes to add variety, any class would work with a re-skin.  Would work quite nicely.



Interrogator Z.

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