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Question for those who WON a 2013 regional championship

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I won with Saber PTL X2, BSP with Draw their fire x2, Howlrunner with PTL


However my new squad is running much more consistant than the one posted above.


Saber squadron with PTL X2


Mauler Mithel

Howlrunner w/ Determination

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I didn't think I 'd go if I won a regional, but now that I have a ticket taunting me -- I'm starting to calculate flight miles and hotel points ^,^



Alas, I have to cancel plans to go to Worlds.  Social duty calls here at home.  Hope everyone who can make it has a wonderful time!


That's a shame. I was looking forward to meeting the Red Ace. Alas, some other time, perhaps. :)

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07.07.2013 Regional in Düsseldorf


5 rounds Swiss Style.


After 4 Rounds there were a 8 Swarm List and 6 Swarm List undefeated.


Winner: 8 Ship Tie Swarm (7 Academie / 1 Dark Curse)

2nd Place:6 Ship Tie Swarm (Howlrunner+Stealth, Backstabber, Black Squadron+Draw the Fire, 2 Alpha Int, 1 Academie)

3rd Place: 7 Ship Tie Swarm (Howlrunner + 6 Ties)

4th Place 4 X-Wings (Wedge,Biggs and 2 Rookies)


23 Players

12 Imperials, 11 Rebels


if i remember it correctly. No Dual Falcon builds, 2 Falcon builds, No 3 Firespray lists, Some 2 and 1 Firespray builds, Minimum of 4 4 X-Wing Builds...


i like the 2nd placed tie-swarm. body guard for howlrunner and 2 intercepters for extra punch.

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