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With Dark Heresy supplements grinding to a stop, I thought I would do my small part to try to maintain interest in DH by posting some of the odds and ends that I’ve created for my own campaign. Unfortunately most of my home-made stuff is hand-written in spiral notebooks, so I don’t know how frequently I’ll be able to type stuff up…


I hope other GMs find this stuff useful- and feel free to post any similar goodies that you have created for your own campaigns. First up is a collection of ‘ancillary’ gear for low-level NPCs:



“-Now let’s search the bodies!”


How many times has that statement punctuated a combat encounter in Dark Heresy? Alas, most pregenerated NPC write-ups list only the bare minimum amount of gear appropriate for his or her role, offering players few surprises from a round of looting (and making any scenario-specific clues placed in a dead man’s pockets stand out like a sore thumb). Trying to make up interesting ‘odds and ends’ on the fly to fill out a dead thug’s pockets can also be problematic, bogging down the game and eating into valuable playing time for what usually amounts to trivia.


The following table is intended to provide some quick ‘pocket filler’ items for minor NPCs. This list is generally ‘hive-centric’ and largely focused on laboring classes; not every result may be appropriate for the individual being searched (in terms of either utility or value), in which case the GM should simply ignore the result. Some items might become useful clues in their own right- or effective ‘red herrings’…


01) AUSPEX- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.150.

02) AUTO QUILL- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.150.

03-05) BACKPACK- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook, p.146; roll 1d5+1 more times for contents, ignoring this result if it occurs again.

06) BAG OF BALL BEARINGS- If dumped on the floor, these cover a 1d2 meter radius; anyone taking more than a single Move Action through the covered area must make a Challenging Agility test or fall.

07-08) BOOK- (roll %) 01-20: Penthrift Dreadful (Inquisitor’s Handbook p127), 21-40: religious allegory, 41-60: military history, 61-80: local history, 81-99: biography of a famous Imperial hero, 00: a Dismal Text (details should be tailored to the current scenario).

09-11) BOTTLE OF LIQUID- (roll %) 01: This is the Good Stuff- high-end amasec! 02-20: mid-grade alcohol, 21-60: rotgut booze, 61-90: lubricant (mildly toxic; Challenging [+0] Awareness test to tell it’s not booze), 91-00: vermicide (highly toxic; Routine [+20] Awareness test to determine as much). There is a 50% chance the bottle is labeled; d100% of the liquid remains. (See Dark Heresy Gamemaster’s Screen for rules on toxins.)

12-13) BOX OF METAL FASTENERS- These are basic nuts, bolts, and washers.

14-15) CANDLES- 1d5 total, plus an igniter.

16-18) CHANGE OF CLOTHING- 50% chance these are cleaner than the ones being worn.

19-20) CHRONO- (roll %) 01-02: a very fancy gold-plated timepiece (50% chance with an inscription) worth 10x standard, 03-20: high-end model (water-proof, shock-resistant) worth 2x standard, 21-00 a basic model (10% chance it’s broken).

21-25) COGNOMEN- As per Inquisitor’s Handbook p.126; (roll %) 01-90: valid identification card of the bearer, 91-99: counterfeit card with alternate identity, 00: the identification card of a completely different individual.

26-27) COINPURSE- This contains 2d10 Thrones over and above the amount that would normally be carried.

28-30) CORD- 2d10 meters in length.

31) CREDIT SCRIP- Issued by many employers in place of wages, these coupons can be used to make purchases at specific businesses owned by the issuer.

32) CREDIT WAND- a pencil-sized piece of plastek tipped with a datacrystal containing codes to draw from an account at a local financial institution, up to 1d100 Thrones (the amount is also the % chance that a specific cognomen is required to utilize the wand).

33-35) DATASLATE- (roll %) 01-02: Classified information about the local government, 03-40: mind-numbing technical drivel, 41-60: maps of local environs, 61-80: religious sermons, 81-99: pornography, 00: heretical treatise (reading it requires an Ordinary [+10] Willpower test or gain 1 Corruption Point).

36-37) DICE- 5% chance they are loaded, adding +20 to Gambling skill; the modification is noticeable on a Difficult (-10) Awareness test.

38) FILTRATON PLUGS- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.147.

39-41) FOOD- (roll %) 01-75: pre-packaged meal (25% chance it’s half-eaten), 76-00: left-overs of a home-cooked meal (10% chance spoiled; if eaten, make a Challenging Toughness test or gain 1 level of Fatigue per degree of failure 1d5 hours later, and lasting 2d10 hours).

42) GAS MASK- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.147.

43) GEW-GAW- Something the bearer picked up because “it looked interesting”- a rusted wafer that looks like a face, a bit of congealed chemical waste resembling a gemstone, etc. Usually worthless, there is a 1% chance it actually has some value: roll a d10 for it’s worth in Thrones; on a ‘10’, roll again and add 10 to the result (multiple times if necessary).

44-46) GOGGLES- (roll %) 01-05: count as Good Quality Photo-Visor (Dark Heresy Rulebook p.147), 06-75: standard darkened lenses (add +20 to Toughness tests to resist damage to eyes), 76-00: simply wind/dust resistant, with no other benefits.

47) HANDKERCHIEF- 75% chance it’s dirty; if used, a Routine (+20) Toughness test must be made or gain 1 level of Fatigue 2d10 hours later. This cold lasts until a Challenging Toughness test is passed- check every 24 hours after symptoms develop.

48) JEWELRY- (roll %) 01: highly valuable, worth 2d10x100 Thrones, 02-10: moderately valuable, worth 1d100x5 Thrones, 11-90: costume jewelry, worth 3d10 Thrones, 91-99: fake, requiring an Ordinary (+10) Appraisal test to spot or be mistaken for being worth 100 Thrones,  00: high-end fake that requires a Difficult (-10) Appraisal test to spot or be mistaken for being worth 1000 Thrones.

49-51) LAMP-PACK- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.150; roll % to determine amount of battery life remaining.

52) LASCUTTER- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.150.

53-57) LHO-STICKS- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.147; 2d10 remaining.

58) LIVE PET- (roll %) 01-35: a tame rodent, 36-50: a not-so-tame rodent, which tries to bite anyone who provokes it (no chance of dealing real damage, but it could be amusing to see how hardened Acolytes try to deal with an enraged rat…), 51-80: a large, harmless arthropod (of course, the PCs won’t know it’s harmless…), 81-98: a small, none-too-smart reptile, 99-00: an exotic species imported from off-world (possibly illegally), worth 2d10x10 Thrones.

59) LOTTERY TICKET- Illegal in most Imperial communities (but rarely prosecuted), secret lotteries usually sell tickets for a Half Throne. There is a 50% chance this ticket is expired; otherwise, a % roll of 01 twice in a row indicates a winner, worth 1d100 Thrones- if you can find the bookmaker who sold the ticket.

60) LUCKY CHARM- This can take a number of forms, from an empty shell casing to a preserved rodent appendage; in any event, there is only a 1% chance it works like an actual Charm (Dark Heresy Rulebook p. 146).

61-62) MAGNOCULARS- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.150; 10% chance they are the high-quality version.

63) MIRKER’S GREAVES- As per Inquisitor’s Handbook, p.125

64-66) MUD TAPE- As per Inquisitor’s Handbook, p.183 (under Tool Kit entry).

67-71) PASSKEY- Accesses (roll %) 01-50: a residence, 51-75: a vehicle, 76-85: a business, 86-99: a storage unit, 00: something illicit (such as a mistress’ residence…).

72) PICT RECORDER- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.151; 75% chance it contains previously recorded images.

73-76) PLAYING CARDS- (roll %) 01-10: missing 1d10 cards, 11-99: a standard deck, 00: Heretic’s Wake Deck (Inquisitor’s Handbook p.122).

77) SALVATION AUGER- As per Inquisitor’s Handbook, p.127; 10% chance it is a superior model.

78-79) SCROLLS- 2d5 total; (roll %) 01-05: star charts, 06-15: floorplans of a building, 16-30: legal contracts, 31-50: transcriptions of depositions, 51-94: Administratum records, 95-99: ‘wanted’ posters, 00: occult ritual.

80) SLITHER BOOTS- As per Inquisitor’s Handbook, p.151.

81-82) SPOOL OF WIRE- 1d10 meters total length.

83-87) TOOLS- (roll %) 01: Combi-Tool (Dark Heresy Rulebook p.150), 02-10: fine detail tool kit (cannot be used on anything larger than a chrono), 11-90: 1d5 standard tools, 91-00: one heavy duty tool (+20 to Strength tests requiring torque or leverage; can be used as an Improvised Weapon).

88-91) TRANSIT PASS- Allows use of local public transportation system; (roll %) 01-20: good for unlimited rides, 21-00: can only be used on a narrowly defined route.

92-94) TUBE OF ADHESIVE- Sets in 1d5 minutes; requires a Hard (-20) Strength test to pull apart once set.

95) VOLT GLOVES- Thick, insulated gloves for handling high-voltage cables. These provide 2 AP to the Arms and negate Shock effects to the same location, but impose a -10 penalty to any tests that require fine manual dexterity.

96) VOX-CASTER- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.151.

97-98) WHISTLE- As per Inquisitor’s Handbook, p.183

99-00) WRITING KIT- As per Dark Heresy Rulebook p.151.     

Edited by Adeptus-B

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The image of the wizard’s sanctum, shelves cluttered with bizarre implements of the occult, is an enduring archetype of fantasy literature- an archetype that has been transposed into the lore of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Descriptions of the secret lairs of sinister warp-dabblers in Black Library novels hint at the bewildering paraphernalia used to invoke the favors of the Ruinous Powers. When PC Acolytes locate a Chaos sorcerer’s headquarters and ransack it for clues, though, mere ‘hints’ as to what they find will usually not be enough to satisfy most players’ curiosity.


To assist in ‘fleshing out’ the minor occult items found in a sorcerer’s lair, I’ve created a chart of several warpcraft items, so that I don’t get caught flat-footed when my players make it clear that vague descriptions of weird  brick-a-brack will not be sufficient.


Special thanks to IdOfEnitiy, BrotherKane, Faern, Garner, Alekzanter, Askil, and Ranoncles for contributing to this list.


01-02) 1d5+1 Shrunken Heads

03-04) Basin filled with razor blades, crusted with dried blood

05-06) Dried length of umbilical cord, tied into an elaborate knot

07-08) Defaced brass aquilla

09-10) Necklace of finger bones

11-12) Cup full of small tiles inscribed with runes in the Unholy Tongue

13-14) Carved wooden shaman mask

15-16) Tiny glass bottle labeled ‘Tears of an Innocent’

17-18) Jar containing the pickled fetus of a mutant

19-20) Fetish doll sewn from canvas and stuffed with human hair, pierced with pins

21-22) Tambourine made from stretched human skin

23-24) Leather strap tied with 2d10 beast claws

25-26) 1d10 corpse fat candles

27-28) Dried lizard

29-30) Ceramic rattle containing human teeth

31-32) Dessicated human hands, wrapped in barbed wire

33-34) Cut obsidian chalice (worth 3d10x10 Thrones)

35-36) Hangman’s noose (used)

37-38) Human skull painted with occult symbols

39-40) Heart of a virgin, wrapped in shroud-cloth

41-42) Blood-fed root shaped like a man

43-44) Dried human tongue branded with a rune (‘liar’, to anyone who can read the Unholy Tongue)

45-46) Large fossilized egg

47-48) Grave earth, kept in 1d5 miniature coffins

49-50) Black velvet bag containing 13 coins of outdated denominations

51-52) Small piece of meteor rock

53-54) Glass jar full of eyes

55-56) Jewelry box containing 2d10 feminine ring fingers, with wedding rings still attached (valued at d10x100 Thrones in total)

57-58) Ornate sacrificial knife (worth 1d100 Thrones)

59-60) Dried membranous wings in a clay jar

61-62) 2d10 vials of various forms of animal venom

63-64) 1d5 pieces of charcoal

65-66) Brass brazier engraved with unholy symbols

67-68) Pouch full of fish scales

69-70) 1d5 scrimshawed leg bones

71-72) Wreath of razor wire, woven through with dead flowers

73-74) Small stone idol from a feral culture

75-76) Astrological charts

77-78) 2d5 feathers from an extinct species of bird, bound by their quills with copper wire

79-80) Tricobezoar (a compacted ball of hair, cut from a corpse’s stomach)

81-82) Carved wooden juju stick

83-84) Skull of a carnivorous beast

85-86) Urn containing the ashes of a cremated psyker

87-88) Cauldron (either stained with various foul substances, or bubbling over a fire, as appropriate)

89-90) 1d5+2 large dead insects skewered on long pins

91-92) Sinister portrait

93-94) Mummified cat

95-96) Crystal Prism

97-98) Clay vessel containing a carefully preserved vital organ

99-00) Torture implements (used)


If the GM needs to randomize the number of occult items in a particular lair, 1d5 per effective point of the Sorcerer’s Psi Rating works well.


So, what practical use do sorcerers get out of all this stuff? Since a collection of occult paraphernalia provides damning proof of one’s heretical activities, the benefits must somehow offset the risk. The House Rule that I use is that occult implements are used in a sorcerous variant of a Psyker’s Invocation test. I substitute a Scholastic Lore (Occult) test in place of Invocation skill, with occult paraphernalia also required to make the test. Additionally, if the warp-fetish item being used to make the test fulfills, at the GM’s discretion, the ‘Rule of Sympathy’ (as per The Radical’s Handbook, page 163), it counts as the equivalent of a Psy-Focus, granting a +10 bonus (hence the benefit of owning a wide variety of occult paraphernalia).

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One of the DH missions from my campaign involved the Acolytes discovering an isolated community on a frontier world that had been turned into beastmen as the result of a would-be sorcerer dabbling in Things Man Was Not Meant To Know…


This is my take on beastmen in WH40KPR. The scenario I used them in required them to be barbaric first-generation mutants; hence, they are depicted as being more primitive here than they are in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, where they are portrayed as, basically, people, with intelligence comparable to the human average and- to judge from the miniature figures- fairly advanced metalworking skills.



 WS: 40 BS: 20 S: (8)45 T: 45 Ag: 35 Int: 20 Per: 35 WP: 30 Fel: 15

MOVEMENT: 3/6/9/18


SKILLS: Awareness (Per) +10, Concealment (Ag) +10, Shadowing (Ag), Silent Move (Ag), Speak Language: Debased Low Gothic (Int), Tracking (Per)+10.

TALENTS: Berserk Charge, Crushing Blow, Hardy, Iron Jaw.

TRAITS: Bestial, Unnatural Strength.


WEAPONS: Crude stone axe (counts as Club: 1d10+10 I; Primitive).

GEAR: Primitive jewelry. 



WS: 50 BS: 20 S: (8)45 T: 45 Ag: 35 Int: 20 Per: 35 WP: 30 Fel: 15

MOVEMENT: 3/6/9/18


SKILLS: Awareness (Per) +10, Concealment (Ag) +10, Intimidate (S)+10, Shadowing (Ag), Silent Move (Ag), Speak Language: Debased Low Gothic (Int), Tracking (Per)+10.

TALENTS: Berserk Charge, Crushing Blow, Furious Assault, Hardy, Iron Jaw.

TRAITS: Bestial, Unnatural Strength.


WEAPONS: Great Weapon (2d10+10 R; Primitive, Unballanced).

GEAR: Primitive jewelry.



WS: 35 BS:25 S: (8)40 T: 40 Ag: 35 Int: 35 Per: 35 WP: 40 Fel: 25

MOVEMENT: 3/6/9/18


SKILLS: Awareness (Per) +10, Concealment (Ag) +10, Forbidden Lore: Warp (Int)+10, Intimidate(S)+10, Psyniscience (Per), Scrutiny (Per), Shadowing (Ag), Silent Move (Ag), Speak Language: Debased Low Gothic (Int), Tracking (Per)+10.

TALENTS: Crushing Blow, Favoured By The Warp, Hardy, Iron Jaw, Sorcerer, Whispers From Beyond*.

*The sorcerer may substitute Perception for Intelligence as a requirement for the Sorcerer Talent.

TRAITS: Bestial, Unnatural Strength.


WEAPONS: Stone Knife (1d5+10 R; Primitive).

GEAR: Primitive jewelry.

MINOR ARCANA: Déjà Vu (10), Fearful Aura (9), Healer (9), Inspiring Aura (8), Lucky (8), Spasm (9).

MAJOR ARCANA: Gift of Rage (12)*, Psychic Shriek (20), See Me Not (16).

*Gift of Rage- Threshold: 12, Focus Time: Full Action, Sustain: No, Range: 3m

The sorcerer’s barbaric chanting dives his followers into a blood-mad rage. One willing ally per point of the sorcerer’s Willpower bonus becomes Frenzied at the end of the sorcerer’s Action. Overbleed: For every 10 points by which the Threshold is exceeded, another target may be effected.

Edited by Adeptus-B

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Random encounters can be useful in adding to the sense of setting, while simultaneously impressing upon the Acolytes that not everything that happens is necessarily a ‘clue’ directly related to their current mission. Of course, problems can arise when encounters are too random (I started gaming in the era of the AD&D Random Encounter Tables, where you were equally likely to encounter a Dog or a Dinosaur…).


Here's an example of a Random Encounter Table tailored to a specific location- in this case Port Suffering, capitol of the planet Iocanthos:


01) ARBITE (1) An Adeptus lawman currently persuing an investigation; 30% chance of being undercover.

02-05) ASHLEEN WARRIORS (1d10; 25% chance mounted on dustdogs) Native tribesmen; 75% chance they are in town to trade for supplies; otherwise, they are here to drink and fight.

06-07) BAWD (1) A pimp enticing potential customers to sample the local hedonistic pleasures; 10% chance of working with Muggers, luring prey in a trap in exchange for a cut of the take.

08-09) BEASTS (2d10) Domesticated animals- either mounts, draft creatures or livestock; 10% chance they have gotten out of control on the city streets.

10-24) BEGGAR (1 or 30% chance of 1d10; 30% chance of being of Ashleen decent; 20% chance young urchins) Unfortunates begging for coins- they may offer information in exchange (25% chance the information is true).

25) BOUNTY HUNTER (1) 50% chance he’s currently tracking a target; otherwise likely to be looking for trouble.

26-28) CITY MILITIA (2 or 30% chance of 1d5+3) Armed soldiers; 50% chance of being off duty, in which case there is a 30% chance they are currently drunk.

29-31) CREWMEN (1d5+1 or 20% chance 2d10) Voidship ratings, in town on leave and looking for a good time.

32-35) DRUNKS (1d5) A group of revelers; 30% chance they are Ashleen, 15% chance of being off-worlders. 20% chance they are armed.

36-37) DUST STORM (*) The wind whips up the all-pervasive dust, reducing visibility to 2d10 meters for 1d10 minutes. Anyone without some form of filter mask must make an Easy (+20) Toughness test or gain 1 level of Fatigue.

38-40) ENFORCER PATROL (2) Lawmen ‘keeping the peace’; 10% they are corrupt and looking to solicit a bribe.

41) FORTUNE TELLER (1) A crazy hag offering to ‘see the future’ for a Throne (10% chance of having actual precognitive powers).

42) FREAK WEATHER (*) The weather briefly takes a surprising turn, typically in the form of a thunderstorm or torrential downpour.

43-45) GRIFTER (1) A fast-talking con man looking to hustle some rubes out of their hard-earned Thrones. Deceive Skill of 50%.

46-48) GAMBLER (1) A card-sharp looking for a game. 75% chance of being an off-worlder. Gamble Skill of 45%.

49-50) KILLER (1) A ‘bad man with a gun’, either ‘laying low’ after trouble (50% chance) or looking for an opportunity to enhance his reputation. 20% chance there is a 1d5x100 Throne reward for his capture.

51-59) LABOURERS (1d10) Local prols hard at work (60%) or hard at play (40%; in which case there is a 75% chance they are drunk).

60-61) MERCENARIES (1d5+1) Well-armed and -armoured soldiers-for-hire; 60% chance they are currently unemployed.

62-66) MERCHANT (1; 75% chance of having 1d5 bodyguards) A trader hawking wares; 5% chance of dealing in illegal goods. Trade: Merchant and Evaluate Skills of 60%

67-70) MUGGERS (1d5) Criminal thugs looking for potential victims.

71) OFFICIAL (1-2; 50% chance of having d5 bodyguards) A member of the community’s small Adeptus presence; there is an equal chance of being engaged in business or pleasure.

72-74) PICK-POCKET (1) A sneaky criminal looking to boost an item (Sleight of Hand skill: 40%).

75) PILGRIMS (2d10) A group of religious fanatics retracing the steps of a saint or martyr (1% chance they are actually members of the Red Redemption).

76-77) PRESS GANG (1d10+2) Burly off-world toughs armed with shock mauls, looking to forcibly ‘recruit’ crewmen for service onboard a voidship.

78) PROPHET (1) A holy man who claims to have divine visions- or he may just be insane…

79-82) PROSTITUTE (1 or 50% chance 1d5) A ‘joygirl’ soliciting ‘customers’; 10% chance she is working with muggers.

83) RIOT (*) Civil unrest erupts into violence in the streets, as a crowd of 3d100 people go on a rampage. It takes the local Enforcers 1d5 hours to break up the disturbance.

84) ROBBERY (*) A group of 1d5+2 criminals are in the process of robbing a local business (01-30), financial institution (31-60), or Ghostfire Pollen warehouse (61-00).

85-89) ROWDIES (2d5) Local ne’er-do-wells looking for a fight.

90-93) SCAVENGER (1 or 30% chance 1d5) Either in town with goods to sell (70% chance), or equipping for another expedition into the wastes (30%).   

94) SORORITAS (2) A pair of Sisters from the Abbey of the Dawn, in town on a specific mission; they are well-armed and usually (75%) semi-disguised under heavy robes.

95) TRAFFIC ACCIDENT (*) 1d5+1 ground vehicles have collided, blocking off a main road for 3d10 minutes.

96-99) VERMIN Either a swarm of Miniscule creatures or a pack of 2d5 Puny beasts, all ravenously hungry and looking for easy pickings.

00) WYRD (1) An unsanctioned psyker living in the shadows (10% chance off-worlder, 40% chance Ashleen).


20% chance of an encounter; check every half-hour.

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I’m sure every Dark Heresy Gamemaster revels in coming up with epic story arcs and plotting intricate conspiracies. But between the constraints of work, family, and social life, even the most creative GM can occasionally draw a blank when facing a looming game session. To help push through these episodes of writer’s block, I came up with some random charts to jump-start the creative juices. As you would expect, not every combination of random results will be useable; these charts are just intended to trigger imagination, not replace it. The Adversary options tend to be Hereticus-centric, since that’s the Ordo that I’m currently using, but adapting that chart to one of the other Ordos shouldn’t be difficult.



01-20: ASSASSINATION- The mission is to find and eliminate a specific person.

21-25: COURIER- The agents must transport a valuable item, keeping it safe from those seeking to intercept it.

26-30: ESCORT- Similar to Courier, but the ‘item’ being transported is a person whose life is in danger, or a high-value prisoner eager to escape.

31-50: INVESTIGATE- This most commonly involves identifying the perpetrators of a crime, but it can also subsume such things as discovering the source of an unnatural phenomenon.

51-65: PSY-OP- The objective is to influence the opinion of a person or group. Typically this involves covertly undermining confidence in a target.

66-75: RESCUE- Freeing a living target from hostile captors.

76-85: RETRIEVAL- The agents must acquire a valuable item currently held by an adversary.

86-00: SABOTAGE- Something must be rendered inoperable before it can be used against the Imperium.



01-15: APOSTATE- The principal villain is a former member of the Adeptus, who has willingly turned away from the Emperor’s Light and towards a darker philosophy.

16-20: CRIMINAL- Not all opponents are Disciples of Dark Gods. This individual doesn’t care about ideology- his or her sole motivation is material gain.

21-40: CULT- The core adversary is an organization, not an individual. Any ‘leaders’ within the cult are merely figureheads or mouthpieces; the cult operates as an entity unto itself.

41-45: CURSE- There is no individual adversary- the center of the problem is an ongoing malediction.

46-50: DAEMON- A powerful warp entity is manipulating events toward a sinister objective.

51-65: DEMAGOGUE- A charismatic leader is the central adversary- but reaching this individual behind his or her many followers will not be easy.

66-69: EXTREMIST- The adversary is a current member of the Adeptus perusing a disastrous radical agenda, who whole-heartedly believes he or she is in the right and is doing what’s best for the Imperium.

70: GHOST- The main villain is no longer among the living- but is somehow influencing events from beyond the grave.

71-80: HERETEK- A former member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, who has violated the sacred protocols of the Omnisiah and become an outcast from the Machine Cult, is the source of the problem.

81: ITEM- There is no one behind the events- at least no person. The culprit is a sentient item- either daemonically motivated or artificially intelligent.

82-91: MUTANT- The central nemesis is a powerful genetic abomination.

92-93: POSSESSED- The true mastermind is outwardly normal in all respects- but he or she is actually possessed by a daemonic entity.

94-99: PSYKER- A renegade wyrd is responsible for the core problem.

00: RIVAL INQUISITOR- the Acolytes find themselves in conflict with an Inquisitor with a sharply conflicting ideology.



01-05: A daemonic incursion will be triggered.

06-10: A planetary government may collapse.

11-15: A powerful artifact will fall into nefarious hands.

16-20: A devastating plague will be unleashed.

21-25: An alien invasion will occur.

26-30: An Imperial battlefront or defense system will be undermined.

31-35: Mutations and insanity will sweep the area.

36-40: An insurrection will be fomented.

41-45: A world will be (permanently?) cut off from the Imperium.

46-50: A planet’s Tithe will be lost.

51-55: An ancient evil will be awakened.

56-60: High-ranking members of the Adeptus will be killed.

61-65: A warp phenomena will lay waste to a region.

66-70: The dead will rise.

71-75: A position of power will be subverted.

76-80: A major temple or other symbol of Imperial power will be destroyed.

81-85: Weapons of mass destruction will be acquired by enemies of the Imperium.

86-90: A hive will be plunged into anarchy.

91-95: Classified information will be intercepted and exploited.

96-00: A world will be rendered uninhabitable.












53-78: HIVE WORLD- The action takes place primarily in the (roll 1d10) 1: Spires, 2-4: Midhive, 5-7: Lowhive, 8-9: Underhive, 10: Exterior Wastes





96-98: VESSEL (roll 1d10) 1-3: Chartist Vessel, 4: Explorator Vessel, 5-6: Orbital Facility, 7-8: Rogue Trader, 9: Space Hulk, 10: Warship

99-00: WAR WORLD



01-05: A key ally turns out to be a traitor.

06-10: An apparent enemy is actually an undercover operative working for a law-enforcement agency.

11-15: The mission turns out to be a false alarm. However, during the course of the investigation, the agents discover a real situation that requires immediate intervention.

16-20: The presumed ‘principle’ adversary is actually working for someone else (roll again on Table 2).

21-25: An unrelated conflict erupts at the site of the mission- gang war, food riots, alien raid, mutant uprising, etc.

26-30: A rival team of agents is pursuing the same objective.

31-35: The Red Redemption has heard rumors of heretical activity in the area, and responds predictably, making it difficult for the Acolytes to find key clues before they are incinerated.

36-40: A natural disaster causes havoc at the site of the mission.

41-45: The villain has somehow convinced local law enforcement that the Acolytes are actually criminals in disguise.

46-50: To avoid disrupting other in-progress investigations, the principle adversary cannot be harmed, and must not learn of the Inquisition’s involvement in the situation (usually requiring either total stealth, or framing a third party).

51-55: The situation is a ruse orchestrated by an old enemy, to draw the agents into an ambush.

56-60: It is critical that the central opponent be captured alive.

61-65: The principle adversary offers a bounty on the Acolytes’ heads, bringing a multitude of killers out of the woodwork, gunning for the agents.

66-70: A local criminal stumbles upon the investigation and, wrongly convinced that he or she is the target, tries to thwart the mission.

71-75: The time-sensitive mission is dropped into the Acolytes’ laps without warning, leaving no time to make preparations: the mission must be accomplished only with the non-optimal resources at hand.

76-80: The target of the mission, or a contact vital to locating him or her, is kidnapped by a third party.

81-85: An ally has been wrongfully accused of treason, and will be executed if the agents can’t uncover the real culprits in time.

86-90: A warp storm appears shortly after the agents make planetfall, and leaves the world completely cut off for several days.

91-95: The central adversary turns out to be an imposter.

96-00: A local legend predicts apocalyptic consequences will result from someone pursuing the course that the agents are currently on; can they complete their mission without fulfilling the conditions that will make the prophecy come true…?

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These are really good.  I am very tempted to dig out my own notes and post a few things.  As an aside is there anywhere that has a template or other program that can be used to produce fan work with similar fonts, borders and sidebars as the official stuff?  If I coould use that I'd definitly write up all my notes.

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These are really good.  I am very tempted to dig out my own notes and post a few things.  As an aside is there anywhere that has a template or other program that can be used to produce fan work with similar fonts, borders and sidebars as the official stuff?  If I coould use that I'd definitly write up all my notes.


Thanks! I'd love to see similar odds'n'ends from other WH40KRP players. Since it's been, what, over a year since there has been anything new for DH, and DH2 is likely several months away, it's up to us fans to keep ourselves entertained. 


As far as fonts and whatnot go, you might want to pm cogniczar- he does some pretty cool graphic design stuff and may be able to help you out.


If you like this stuff, check out my new xenos over in the House Rules section (see link in my signature below)- the lack of feedback on those is making me sad... :unsure:

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This is great! Thank you for posting the random item list especially. As a GM I'm always having problems with that aspect, especially since my group got started on D&D, and so loot the heck out of everything. Now I'll actually be able to tell them what the NPCs have.

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These are really good.  I am very tempted to dig out my own notes and post a few things.  As an aside is there anywhere that has a template or other program that can be used to produce fan work with similar fonts, borders and sidebars as the official stuff?  If I coould use that I'd definitly write up all my notes.




this thread on dark reign has alot of what you might be looking for. The Heretica Font Hellbore made a few years back can be found looking it up and adding Dark Reign to the search.


If you need any help making unique fonts, I can help you with that too if you can make a few scans.




This thread resurfaced just in time for my tonight's session. O.o I so need to use them. 

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@cognizar: Thanks!


Gang Names.  I always kept a list of generic names handy as GM.  These included Low born names as well as more impressive Noble Names.  Male and female.  I also found it useful to have some threatening gang and cult names nearby


The Major Gangs of Anmar

Random encounter in the Underhive of Anmar (Hadros Sector-custom sector)



01-05 Viper Syndicate

06-11 Brotherhood of Thugon

12-26 Bloody Jesters

27- 31 Hells Clan

32-47 Night Jackal Clan

48-53 Clan Hackstone

54-61 The House of Mourn

62-70 The Spire Crawlers

71-76 The Rakemoor Dominion

77-80 The Lords of Chrung

81-86 The Masks of Mythphalothek

88-93 The Red Sepulchure

94-97 The Screaming Angels

98-99 The Red Blades

100-The Kabal of the Flayed Head



Additional Notes on selected gangs


Viper Syndicate


Unlike most of the gangs based in the Hives on Anmar the viper syndicate is not tied to one territory or Hive cluster  Instead the syndicate has a number of ‘lodges’ across the planet.  The Syndicate primarily deals in assassinations but will also perform high-spec heists for clients.


Syndicate members generally work in small groups and specialise in close range shootings to eliminate targets.  Syndicate members often dress in a distinctive style with pitch black photo visors, and stylised dreadlocked hair.


Although the Viper Syndicate prefers to work as independent operators rather than carving out their own distinctive territory, small groups of syndicate ‘associates’ have been known to take over area of a Lower or Under Hive stack.


The viper syndicate has gained a reputation as stone cold killers and implacable foes who cannot be bought off once a contract has been made.  This reputation has led the juves in certain Hives on Anmar to begin copying the style of the Viper syndicate in order to build a reputation for themselves.  The Viper Syndicate for the most part disdainfully ignores these imitators.  A client can generally find the real deal at one of the syndicates lodges.  Occasionally a juve gang even builds up enough a reputation that they are formally offered a place in the Syndicate   However woe betide any juve gang that brings a bad reputation on the Syndicate or attempts to compete with a genuine lodge.  These gangs soon find themselves stalked and eliminated by Viper Syndicate Members eager to uphold the honour of the Syndicate.


The Syndicate strictly deals in ‘mundane’ crimes and almost never sanction the killing of a member of the Imperium (even the lowliest administrator is off the books) therefore the Adeptus Arbites leave dealing with the Syndicate to the planetary enforcers.


Viper Syndicate Member

Use Bounty Hunter stats.  Add: Sprint talent and Mighty Shot Talent (when using laspistols only).


Will use nearly any weapon however favour close range concealable weapons.  Particularly famed for their skill with laspistols.  All Viper Syndicate members wear photovisers.


Viper Syndicate Elite. 

There is a 10% that any group of Viper Syndicate Members met will include and probably be led by an ‘elite’.  These members can gain the benefit of Righteous Fury when using a laspistol.


Viper Syndicate Imitators

These are dressed and likely armed as Viper syndicate members but do not have the same level of skills


Use Cutter stats.  Add: +3 Ag and Sprint Talent.


Imitation is the highest form of flattery…until you cross a line.

There is a 10% chance that any viper Syndicate imitators that are encountered will be hunted by genuine a genuine Viper Syndicate group.  This group will appear 2D10 rounds or when the GM thinks appropriate.



The Red Sepulchre


The Red Sepulchre is a gang new to Anmar having only operated on the planet for perhaps five years.  And yet despite this it has achieved a worrying degree of prominence within the underworld.  It dominates the narcotics trade in the lower Hive Spire of Kri-Kren and provides much of the muscle for the Guilders dealings with the Under Hive in Anmar Prime.


The Adeptus Arbites are particularly concerned because there is evidence of this group operating off world on Bellafrax, Palaformus, the war world of Crucible and even as far afield as the Calixis Sector.  To be able to operate off world let alone inter sector the Red Sepulchure must have some powerful allies or patrons either within Navigator Houses or with the Chartist Captains.


The Red Sepulchre is extraordinarily well armed with its gangers regularly wearing flak vests and using well maintained auto guns and lasguns.  Where necessary the group has been observed using heavier weapons including grenade and missile launchers. 


There are unconfirmed reports that it was a Red Sepulchre group that attacked the Arbite Patrol 33/5/Kappa-Alpha while it was performing a Castigation Operation in the Middle Hive of the second Spire of Kri-Kren.  This attack cost the lives of 14 Adeptus Arbites and led to the destruction of a Chimera Armoured Assault vehicle from a las-cannon blast.   Regardless of their specific responsibility the fact that they are suspected of carrying out such a heretical attack means that the continued existence of the Red Sepulchre is considered unconscionable by the Judges on Anmar. 


Mortiurge squads are being assembled to hunt and destroy the leaders of the Red Sepulchre.


Inquisitorial Addendum


Unknown to the Adeptus Arbites the Red Sepulchre has been known to the Inquisition and specifically the Ordo Hereticus for nearly two decades.  They know that its reputation as a superbly well-connected and equipped criminal organisation is merely a front from a more malevolent agenda which seems to be the unsanctioned gathering and training of psykers and witches across the Sector and beyond.  What has stopped the Inquisition swooping in to immediately purge this grave threat to numerous worlds’ very existence is two fold. 


First the Red Sepulchre’s leadership is unknown to the Inquisition.  It is feared that a premature strike against the group could lead to them going underground and out of the Inquisitions sight which could lead to disaster if they continue to consort with psykers. 


Secondly and of perhaps more concern is that the few psykers in the employ of the Red Sepulchre that the Inquisition have encountered, appear to be well disciplined and no more likely to be effected by the perils of the warp than an Imperial sanctioned psyker.  The Inquisition would desperately like to learn more about these training methods but so far no Red Sepulchre witch has been captured alive.


A Web of Secrets


The truth is that the Red Sepulchre is the private and very much unsanctioned army of a rogue Interrogator of the Ordos Sicarius known only as ‘Red Wraith’.  His very existence is known only to a handful of members of the Inquisition who do not yet realise his connection to the Red Sepulchre. 


Red Sepulchre Ganager

Use Enforcer stats.  Add: +5 Wp and Resistance (psychic powers) talent.


The Screaming Angels


The exact origins of the Screaming Angels, like so many of the Underhive scum that subsist in the depths of the triple spired Hive of Kri-Kren, is a mystery.  What is known is that they owe their existence not to some disbanded labour union, trade guild or fallen manufactorum combine but to the Imperial Guard.  About 600 years ago The Screaming Angels represented several thousand members of a Guard regiment granted territory to settle within one of Kri-Kren middle/lower hive manufactorum clusters.  This great honour was granted because of a mighty victory the Regiment won.  The Administratum has since struck the Screaming Angels from the records and the details of their campaign have been lost.  It is known that there were numerous insurrections on Anmar in its (comparatively) recent past so it is possible that the Screaming Angels were instrumental in putting down such a rebel uprising.


The few scant records that do remain indicate that the Screaming Angels ran the manufactorum clusters they were given for some one hundred years, reaping a tax from the overseers and technomats.  However the Angels were more suited to war than peace and the manufactorums became mismanaged, meaning that the Screaming Angels began missing their tithe payments to the Hive Lords.  In order to meet the deficit the Screaming Angels began turning to the method that their ancestors knew best; violence. 


Using the plentiful  stock of weapons their fathers and grandfathers had bequeathed to them they launched raids on Underhive settlements..  Such activity, concerned as it was with the wretches that lives in the Underhive, was of no interest to the authorities and although it helped to clear some of the Angels debts the activity was not particularly profitable.  Driven by their rekindled taste for war and seeking richer and easier pickings the Screaming Angels began provoking violent trade disputes with other manufactorum clusters.  It is here that the record breaks down.


It is unknown exactly what happened but whether by pressure from the trade guilds, Arbite censure or  perhaps even voluntarily the Screaming Angels were driven into the Underhive.


Now several centuries later the descendants of the Screaming Angels still exist.  They are still renowned for their violent lightning raids, their discipline and planning and their terrifying war paint. 


They control vast swathes of the Underhive and are known to take extreme exception to any who cross them with even the smallest of slights. Despite their past confrontations with Imperial authorities they continue to hold to the values of their forbears.  They hold no truck with mutants, psykers or those openly disparaging the Imperial Cult. 


Their principle enemies are the Red Blades who in recent years they have driven from some of the most resource rich areas of the Underhive.



Ganger stats: Add: +5 Ws +5Bs talent 50% chance of Common Lore (War or Imperial Creed) skills (roll once for each).

Red Blades


The Red Blades are a major Underhive clan on the planet of Anmar that has dominated the Kri-Kren underworld for many centuries.  Until about fifteen years ago they were considered the undisputed masters of their stygian domain.  However a major and extremely bloody war with the Screaming Angels has put this domain in threat.  Renowned as they are for extreme, unnecessary violence 9even by the standards of the Underhive) the Red Blades have made many enemies over the years who hate and fear them.  Not least the Imperial authorities (mainly the Adeptus Arbites) who are tacitly supporting the Screaming Angels attempt to destroy the psychotic clan. 


The Red Blades wear red bandanas to mark out their members and have distinctive gang markings.  These markings take the form of tattoos displaying representations of a gangers many victims and how they died.  By custom a gangers first kill is always his first tattoo but after this it is for a ganger to choose whether a victim is worth the honour of a ‘tag’. In addition the size and prominence of a tattoo also demonstrates the honour given to a defeated enemy and also the courage of the Red Blade himself.  After all if you are willing to wear a tattoo of a gunned down gang boss on your neck where his allies and family can see it, you must be confident indeed.


The Red Blades earn their name from their love of bladed weaponry and chain swords are particularly prized.


Rumour has it that the Red Blades current leader is an escaped Pit Fighter.  Gene-enhanced and possessed of a animal cunning he is a giant of a man who has forged a bloody legend for himself across the length and breadth of the Underhive.  He goes into battle bare chested wielding a huge double handed chain blade.    Across his chest is tattooed the death scene of the Bishop of Kri Krens Third Spire whom the Red Blade master murdered during a daring raid into the Spire and against the Cathedral of St Lurivan several years ago.  This blatant and unrepentant act of heresy to say nothing of its glorification may be the down fall of the Red Blades as word of the Red Blades Master and his infamous tattoo declaring his guilt over the attack on St Lurivan has reached the ear of the Ecclesiarchy who have called for a Adeptus Sororitas purgation squad to bring fiery retribution to the heretic and all who would call him master.


Red Blades Ganger

Use ganger stats.  Add+10 Ws Weapon Training (melee: chain) talent. Hatred (Screaming Angels) Enemy (Imperial Authorities)





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Sometimes an investigation can feel a bit too scripted.  Maybe the badguys are suffering from a bad cae of 'evidence retention syndrome' or perhaps the PCs can see exactly where the investigation is going (yes the creepy mayor is the cult leader and the virgin sacrifice is being held at the Old Mill).  Time to throw in some curve balls.


This chart gives a list of random rumours, objects and events that you can sprinkle across your adventure that should send your PCs off on a wild goosechase, muddy the waters or perhaps leave some unanswered questions.  Afterall real life investigations are never neatly wrapped up.....


I would roll for these red herrings in advance or at least at the begining of a session.  I've also given some suggestions as to explanations in italics in case you need to resolve the Red herring and get the PCs back on track.  Of course feel free to ignore these explanations.


Red Herrings


01-02: 'Old Sven the lay technician went missing two days ago after meeting a cowled stranger in the seven Kings bar.  (Old sven has left his wife.  The cowled stranger was his mistress in disguise)


03-04: 'There's strange lights been seen up in the Old Mill'.  (No there haven't')


05-06: Arbite patrol rolled in two weeks ago.  The detective was looking for a Hienrich Vinkrieger.  The Arbites brought a lot of men for one man.  (Hienrich Vinkrieger is a notorious cold trade smuggler.  However he is now off world and has no relevance to the case)


07-08: 'In the middle of his sermon the local priest began speaking in the tounges of the Ancients last holy day.  The congregation could not understand him but it was prophecy of great import no doubt!' (The priest was having a stroke.  he is now receiving pallative care in a local hospice) 


10-15: 'The local baron/governor/Guild Master is thinking of raising taxes.  He is siphoning the money off to pay for an army.  There is war coming!' (The annual tax for the barony/planet/Guild domain gets raised every ten years as per Adminsitratum edict 556/HHY-IJ-Delta.  Applications for exemption or rebate should be sent to the sector capital in triplicate)


16-20: The mayor is conducting sorcery and dark magic in his home.  He has a deamonic familiar that takes the guise of a common housecat.  But his maid Octavia learnt the truth. He feeds it human blood! (What Octavia heard was the mayor shouting at his cat to 'drink its bloody milk'.  Although how the person knows about deamonic familiars is another matter)   


21-24: Mutant warband been seen up by [seedy location].  No doubt they're behind [whatever Pcs are investigating or some other plot event of note] (There is a mutant warband hiding out in [seedy location] but they are scavanging for food/weapons.  They have no relevance to the investigation)


25-27: If you want information about [whatever PCs want information about] you should speak to Magnus at the bar outside the manufactorum.  He has his ear to the ground and no mistake.  (The speaker is mistaken.  Magnus is no more informed than any other member of this pig ignorant planet.  If the PCs speak to him roll again on the rumour chart)


28-29: Klien the Reclamaitor found [speaker will lean in close] an Astartes helmet in the sump pond.  And more than that it has horns on it!  Never heard of the like! (Klien found a large corroded bucket he painted red and added horns to and is peddling as an Astartes helmet) 


30-33: Kragan is a heretic.  He has a temple to foul things in his basement.  (Kragan is infact  devout.  Extremely devout.  Make your players suspicious)


[Objects (that can be found on NPC bodies or in their houses etc]


34-36: A small idol of a cross legged man in prayer. (This is an old trinket from a girlfriend/boyfriend.  NPC doesn't know where she got it from)


37-39: A vial of unidentified liquid.  (This is a herbal treatment for bad stomach pains.  if a player drinks it has a 100% chance of being a laxitive)


40-43: A photograph of the PCs (either simply a target photo of them or there isn't an explanation!)


44-47: An out of place weapon.  A bolt pistol in a down and outs hovel, a chain blade on a feral world or soemthing similar (The NPCs great great grandfather fought in the guard and this is a momento) 


48-50: A chrono meter that runs backwards (The chrono meter is broken)


51-53: A Temple with statues to a different saint than the Temple is dedicated to.(150 years ago the congregation saved up money to refurbish the Temple which was duly sent to the Bishops office in the capital.  There was a mix up of forms and the stone mason/artist/artisan that arrived had the wrong specs.  Make sure the locals are very sensitive about this and either adamantly deny there is a mistake or get violent). 


54-58: A notepad full of bizzare scribblings detailing strange events, odd occurances and murderous people.  To randomly detemrine the contents roll d5+1 times on this chart and assume the notepad details the resultant rumours, objects  and events  (The NPC is a budding writer.  This is their novel.  Once the PCs determine that the notepad is fiction a Trade (Story teller) check will reveal whether the potential novel is awful (90%) or a masterpiece (10%))


59-63: A glass of vinegar mixed with blood with half a frog floating init (The NPC is a wierdo).


64-65: A very detailed map marking out a location some distance away (d10km).  (The NPC secretly met a married lover he was having an affair with here a few years ago.  He has forgotten to throw the map away) 


66: A signet ring containing the seal of a long dead Rogue Trader House.  (The NPC doesn't realise it but is the long lost scion of a Rogue trader dynasty and has the right to reclaim his birthright.  Really.  None the less this has no relevance to the investigation at hand)


Events [These could occur at any time, particularly if the PCs are spending the session getting supplies instead of investigating]


67-71: A mysterious figure in carapace armour with the insignia of the local barony/governor etc is seen across the street staring at the PCs.  He turns on his heel and leaves if they approach (The figure is the barons/governors judicial champion.  He is rather intuitive and thinks the PCs look like the kind who will cause trouble).


72-74: Two autocarriages, cars or steam wagons have a collision in front of the PCs.  the drivers clamber out battered but not seriously injuured.  They look at each other and flee in random directions. (Driver A has no insurance.  Driver B is driving a stolen car)


75-80: The PCs are accosted by a beggar proclaiming them as the fated ones able alone amongst the galaxy to shape their own destiny! (the beggar is very mildly psychic and is technically correct.)


81-86: The PCs are accosted by a beggar with a perfect geometric shaped birthmark on his forehead.  He wants money and vehmently denies having the birthmark (This is the Imperium.  The unusual birthmark is viewed as a potential mutation and is why the man is a beggar.  It is a source of great shame.  Obviously he doesn't want to talk about it).


87-90: Every night feral animals prowl the streets and the locals cower in fear inside their hab units (The pest-castigation guild has been on strike in this area for the past century following a dispute with an administratum official.  A century worth of interest on the tithe due now means a new guild is unlikely to be set up)


91-95: A woman is brought to the centre of the hab-plaza/town square/meeting circle and burnt at the stake.  (She is a psyker)


96-99: A local dignatry is touring the area.  With him is a man who bares the sigil of the Inquisition (There are other Acolytes in the sector.  Some of them get easy assignments).


100: Armed men pour into the area and begin clubbing/stunning adults and dragging them away.  The Arbites/enforcers standby and do nothing.  (By Imperial Degree this world/hab block/village has been selected for the most holy honour of providing fighting men and women to the Imperial Guard).

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Nice charts guys!  I just might use them for my own ends


Myself, I got nothing to add, if only a suggestion; Add paperwork for everything!


Request gear? Fill that form!

Got an Arbites squad to help raid that cult lair? Well, guess who's going to write the report!

Need information at the Administratum tower on land property? Well I hope you got that 35346-G form filled and stamped or else it's no go.

Mission complete! Excellent work acolytes, I want a full written report on my desk tomorrow morning!



To make an actual use of the literacy skill, and to add the slow, bureaucratic nature of the Imperium into a game.

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I’m sure every Dark Heresy Gamemaster revels in coming up with epic story arcs and plotting intricate conspiracies. But between the constraints of work, family, and social life, even the most creative GM can occasionally draw a blank when facing a looming game session. To help push through these episodes of writer’s block, I came up with some random charts to jump-start the creative juices. As you would expect, not every combination of random results will be useable; these charts are just intended to trigger imagination, not replace it. The Adversary options tend to be Hereticus-centric, since that’s the Ordo that I’m currently using, but adapting that chart to one of the other Ordos shouldn’t be difficult.



26-30: ESCORT- Similar to Courier, but the ‘item’ being transported is a person whose life is in danger.



For the sake of completeness it might be worth noting that this mission might also include the transportation of prisoners whose life isn't in danger but is trying to escape. 

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These tables are brilliant, the perfect blend of serious and humor - I especially loved the part about the bloody cat.


I created my own Criminal Faction Generator for those who want to make new gangs and cults - I hope it is alright if I post it here to help.



In the style of the WH40K generator tables, I have made one for criminal organizations/radical resources, which can be used by acolytes as allies or enemies. Here are the tables and a few examples:


The Criminal Faction Generator



D20 Roll

Organization Type



Religious Sect

Fanatics and cultists dedicated to religion


Crime Gang

Drug runners, human traffickers, etc.


Merchant Guild

Rich tradesmen and entrepreneurs


Void Pirates

The scum of the spacelanes


Death Cultists

Psychotic killers and masters of murder


Rogue Trader

Issued with a warrant of trade


Noble House

Navigators, Warlords, and many others



Hackers and computicians



A faction of the Adeptus Mechanicus


Assassin’s Guild

Hired murderers with a flair for class


Dark Scholars

Hoarders of lore and secrets



Seekers of justice outside the law


Renegade Guard

A traitorous regiment of the Imperial Army


Psyker Conclave

A cabal of witches, wyrds, and sorcerers


Corrupt Government

A decadent planetary governor or a bored prince


Artisans and Craftsmen

Makers of weapons, art, armor, etc.


Terrorist Cell

Enemies of the Imperium within its borders


Scum Clanners

Crime families and mafias, thicker than blood


Mutants and Twists

The reject stock of humanity


The Insane

Privy to things man was not meant to know



D10 Roll





The faction has no allies and is exclusively human


The Xenos

The factions allies or employs xenos specimens and tech


The Ruinous Powers

The faction is sworn to the Chaos Gods


D10 Roll

Alignment (The Xenos)



Dark Eldar

The piratical druchii of Comorragh



Rodent-like traders and gypsies



Mggot-men and whisperers



The Ancients



Reavers and destroyers 



Barbarian xenos thugs



An advanced but young culture of xenos



Scavengers and stalkers



The voracious Hive Fleets



It matters not what sources


D10 Roll

Alignment (The Ruinous Powers)



Chaos Unidivided

The untapped power of the warp itself



The Blood God, the Skull Lord



The Grandfather, the Plague God



The Dark Prince of Pleasure



The Architect of Fate and the Changer of Ways



D10 Roll





The faction reluctantly commits crime



The faction views its crimes as a means to an end



The factions takes pleasure in the violating the Emperor


D20 Roll

Tools of the Trade
























Precision Strikes









Advanced Tech















Primitive Tech



Ritual Slaying









The Occult




D10 Roll

Organization Size




One man against the universe is a dangerous thing



The faction is limited to one planet or ship



The faction is rooted on many ships or linked worlds



The faction is spread across an entire fleet or sector


D10 Roll





New players in the game, but no less deadly



The faction has a history that makes it formidable



The faction is a venerable conspiracy







Total Secrecy

No information can be collected on their identity


Rumors Abound

Talking to right people can bring up some information


Under the Eye

The Arbites and the Inquisition know well of the faction


D10 Roll

Calling Cards and Evidence




The bodies were horribly mutilated



An icon scrawled on a wall



A strange rune 


Signature Weapon

Some sort of plasma, perhaps?....


Unusual Materials

What is this metal that repairs itself without blessing?


Code Phrase

Some sort of secret language, Lord Inquisitor



An essay on the doctrines of the Arroneus Verdus



All the killers were described wearing the same clothes


Shock and Awe

No-one else uses fluorescent dyes in their grenades



The faction is very clever


D10 Roll

Identification and Membership



Pride in the Colors

I see you bear the livery of our corporation...



Often animal or arcane motifs



The symbols of powerful dynasties and houses


Hereditary Traits

Either gene-factored or familial


Totemic Animal

The crest or symbol of the organization


Code Phrase

A secret language known only to them


Sign Language

A secret language known only to them



Seemingly meaningless binary



A signature wound shared by all



A signature implant shared by all


D10 Roll




The Great Game

The faction thrives on politics and mental challenge



The faction exists for its own pleasure


Life is Hell

The faction seeks shelter from the harshness of the Imperium



The faction fears for its existence in the galaxy



The faction wishes to better the Imperium


Cult of Personality

The faction follows the orders of its leader



The faction seeks to amuse itself


The Truth

The faction has uncovered a universal philosophy, and commits crime to either spread this belief or punish nonbelievers



The faction wants power over its territory and expansion



The faction seeks to know the way of the universe




Services Available



















































Utile Goods














The Price of Business



Arcane Lore

Knowledge of dark and forbidden things


A Favor

They will call again, at a time of their choosing


New Specimen

Is that the recently deceased corpse of a genestealer?



My, what a lovely callophean psy-engine!


Rare Item

Procure this for us in return for our services



You will make useful friends in the future....


New Member

They will take their tithe in the flesh of your party



Spread the word throughout the shadows


Straight Money

Only the thrones


A Sacrifice

Our masters demand it


D10 Roll




Hive Complex

A mega-metropolis for the masses of humanity


Feral Tribe

Primitive dwellings are all they can muster


Void Zone

A sector of space



A military installation or stronghold


Penal Colony

Criminal recruitment grounds 



A starship


Imperial City

Schools and churches miles high


Noble Holdings

Manors and lands of the aristocracy


Frontier Town

Unexplored territory, with little infrastructure


Space Port

A place of exchange between the worlds of the Imperium


D10 Roll

Terrain Type




The area is lush and forested



The area is parched and dry



The area is in a state of eruption



The area has teeming infrastructure



The area is useless and blasted



The area is contaminated



Something has taken root in the area



Shades move in the shadows and gloom



The area is flooded



The infrastructure is crumbling


D10 Roll

Territory Rule




The faction has power over the region



The faction is known but keeps itself hidden



None know of the factions presence



Some examples:


First Party



First Party is an ancient assassin’s guild that has prided itself for millennia on its ability to deliver the guttural thrill of murder to its clients. This release is considered by many as a form of entertainment or recreation – First Party are, essentially, victim dealers, taking the middle men out of murder as much as they can while also making a profit. The only other motivations expressed by the agents of First Party is the simple truth that life is murder - so why not make it fun? First Party often entraps their clients with promises and bribes, often offering to allow their clients to keep their murder weapons, but with one condition – the weapon must be of xenos provenance, provided by First Party, and in return they must receive another weapon of exotic nature. For those who care not who they slay, the weapon may be anything the buyer can provide – for those who want a specific target captured and brought before their knees, in a specific environment or manner, a more specific cost is therefore counted. Buyers capable of providing truly wondrous and unique items, such as a glowing staff of the Ancient Tomb Worlds or an undiscovered form of Tyranid biomorph-blade, the potential options for murder are near limitless. Some hypothesize that First Party is systematically choosing its victims and weapons so as to frame peoples of influence, nut others suspect a darker conspiracy such as the ritual or the occult. Agents of First Party are generally seen wearing crisp white suits, the clean nature of which belies their bloody trade.


Rolls: Assassin’s Guild, The Xenos (Various), Utile, Bribery, Faction, Ancient, Rumors, Uniform, Sign Language, the Truth, Entertainment, New Specimen, Desert Imperial City, Direct


The Sculptors of Spirits



The Sculptors of Spirits are a faction of sculptors inhabiting the pleasure worlds of the Cyrenoth systems, based on a planet known for its furious volcanoes and tropical oceans. Ever decade, when the volcanoes erupt in a shower of molten magma, the artists of the Sculptors wade into the boiling stone clad in heavy environment suits, carrying with them an array of sculpting tools and blocks of the strange, diamond-like stone harvested from the world's quarries. It is said that only the heat of the volcanoes is enough to soften the diamonds so they can be sculpted, and the artists claim that once immersed the lava the gems become as pliable and liquid as wax itself. The diamonds are used not only for sculptures, but are also melted down into paints,c rafted into jewelry, and pressed into ink. Stories tell of a darker provenance, however. Patrons of the Sculptors make nervous jests of their paintings' subjects moving while they turn their backs, or sculptures subtly changing their expressions and postures. It is from this lifelike quality that the artists take their name - for surely the statues and painting cannot truly be moving...right? Works by the Sculptors can be found across the entire sector in the homes of planetary governors, many of whom have invested in private security and counter-surveillance measures due to reports of "feeling watched". 


Rolls: Artisans and Craftsmen, The Ruinous Powers (Undivided), Loathed, Creatures/Daemons, Corporation, Ancient, Rumors Abound, Signature Weapon, Electronic, Survival, Surveillance, New Specimens, Imperial City, Volcanic, Secret 



Curator Jareth Lekter


Curator Jareth Lekter is something of an antiquity aboard Port Hospite. While others bustle and hustle about their way, purchasing curios and trinkets from the vendors and haggling with captains over transportation fares, Lekter sits alone in his shoppe, mulling away the days polishing his toys. A thin, emaciated man with sunken, hollow eyes and lank black hair, Lekter is never seen outside of his trim ebon suit and the stark, chromium confines of his shoppe. The shoppe is open only to the cleanliest, regardless of wealth or stauts. Many a drunken Rogue Trader or voidsick merchant has been turned away, while prim and well-mannered workers are allowed entry. Lekter appeared in Port Hospice a few months ago, and when asked why he refused entry to a bloody, battered Arbite, Lekter replied, "He might have bled on my toys." Lekter's "toys" are indeed wonders of craftsmanship, gleaming silver gadgets, timepieces, holos, and bionics inscribed with his signature geometric runes. Many of those who buy his toys do not return for more, but no matter, as there are always those willing to put up thousands of thrones for a gleaming set of scribe-tines or a glowing emerald ear stud.


Rolls: Death Cultists, The Xenos (Necrons), Fanatical, Fronts, Entrepaneur, Novice, Rumors Abound, Signets, Signets, Boredom, Theft, Straight Money, Space Port, Moderate.


The Greene Priests


The Greene Priests are a loathed and embarrassing mote on the proud record of the Adeptuss Mechanicus. While not heretical or technically criminal to any degree, the cult is nevertheless persecuted by the Martian priesthood so that the "stain of nostalgia may be swept from the hem of the Omnissiah's robes as soon as possible." These "nostalgic" tech-priests eschew the general smoke-belching, cog-turning devices of the Mechanicum Proper in favor of simple devices such as bow drills, wooden pulleys, grox-hair ropes, and good old-fashioned firestarters. The faction was birthed when a Mechanicum explorator fleet set sail for the Unbeholden Reaches, but was waylaid by a powerful warp storm. In the resulting chaos, the ships transgressed to realspace. Since then the ships have remained in contact, but spread across space, and have since resorted to living out their lives on their wrecked ships. The Greene Priests believe that primitive tech is the Omnissiah's most basic and pure blessing, and that modenr tech has made the Imperium a hell unfit for inhabitation. They desecrate their bionics with bones and teeth, fetishes, wooden baubles, and shrubbery. The only contact the Priests make with outsiders who stumble across their ship is to occasionally trade these small totems for other items in return for furthered word of their nirvana-esque discovery. The Mechanicum takes umbridge to this and does its best to suppress word of these liberals, successfully enough so far to have routed any attention from the Battlefleet or the Inquisition.


Rolls: Tech-Cult, Themselves, Fanatical, Primitive Technology, Faction, Novice, Total Secrecy, Scarification, Tattoos, Life Is Hell, Commerce, Advertisement, Flooded Starship, Moderate.


Hope you like it! Post your own results and feel free to share.

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The dark art of sorcery is perhaps the most dangerous weapon in the heretic’s arsenal. Abhorred practices such as daemon-summoning and necromancy are held up as examples of the ultimate dangers of heresy, and justification for the unchecked power of the Holy Ordos of the Inquisition. Unlike psychic powers, which require extremely rare and specific mutations of the brain and thus can largely be screened out of general society, sorcery requires only knowledge and can potentially be learned by anyone cursed with sufficient curiosity, making it a truly insidious threat to the Imperium of Man.


Since sorcery in Dark Heresy uses most of the same mechanics as psychic powers, it is incumbent upon GMs to provide the ‘colour’ necessary to distinguish the two, and make it clear that the Dark Arts are not merely psychic powers with a higher Threshold. One way to do this is to play up the sinister trappings used in sorcerous rituals (see Occult Paraphernalia above). Another option is to feature occult artifacts created by sorcerers through the invocation of the warp via arcane rituals



None tempt the ravages of warp-corruption more than practitioners of sorcery. Invoking the powers of the empyrean via ancient rituals and arcane formulae is even more dangerous than the use of psychic powers. The creation of the arcane implement known as a ‘Taint-Focus’ is difficult and expensive, but many sorcerers consider it a worthwhile undertaking, since the sorcerer can then shunt the worst consequences of warp-dabbling into the Taint-Focus.


Creation of a Taint-Focus requires the skull of a master sorcerer who died of natural causes, and who did not receive Ecclesiarchal burial rites. The skull must be flensed and acid-treated; then the eyes are set with gems worth at least 6000 Thrones. It is then ritually inscribed with sorcerous runes in an occult ceremony lasting two days, during which time the sorcerer creating the Taint-Focus may not eat or sleep. When the ceremony is complete, a Scholastic Lore (Occult) Test is made. If the result is less than four Degrees of Success, the skull explodes with a blast of warp energy, dealing 2d10 R damage to the sorcerer (and anyone else within 3 meters) and utterly destroying the materials used in the failed creation; otherwise, the Taint-Focus is activated, and becomes a valuable tool to the sorcerer who created it.


Any time the sorcerer would gain Corruption points from Psychic Phenomena while the Taint-Focus is within 6 meters, he or she can spend a Reaction to make an Ordinary (+10) Willpower Test to try to ‘shunt’ the corrupting warp energy into the Taint-Focus. If the test is successful, the Corruption points are taken on by the Taint-Focus instead of the sorcerer. When this happens the Taint-Focus’ eyes briefly flare with eerie witch-fire, and a Hard (-20) Awareness Test can detect a faint, pained sigh escaping from the skull.


The obvious benefit of a Taint-Focus to a warp-dabbler is offset by the vulnerability it presents. If a Taint-Focus is destroyed (Armour: 4 Primitive; 10 Wounds), the pent-up warp energy it has absorbed floods into the sorcerer to whom it was bound, with potentially disastrous consequences. The sorcerer must immediately make a Challenging (+0) Willpower test, with the difficulty increasing one step for every 10 Corruption points stored within the Taint-Focus. If the test is passed, the sorcerer merely takes the Corruption points onto him- or herself. If the test fails, the sorcerer cannot cope with the sudden influx of warp energy, and undergoes a terrible transformation, mutating into a Spawn of Chaos (Disciples of the Dark Gods, p.158) over 1d5 rounds.



An elegantly simple yet incredibly dangerous example of the sorcerous art of daemon-binding, a Vitridaemonicum consists of a small glass sphere into which a warp predator has been trapped. To the naked eye, the Vitridaemonicum appears to be bead of translucent black glass or obsidian, but viewing via Psyniscience reveals something of its true nature: it is surrounded by a roiling aura of jet-black warp energy.


If hurled like a grenade (or dropped), the glass shatters, seemingly to no effect. A Challenging (+0) Awareness test will reveal that the pieces of broken glass- crystal clear and not in fact black- appear to be in an area of indistinct shadow, although no source for the shadow is evident. This area of shadow deepens until, one round after breaking, the shadow congeals into an Ebon Geist (from the Adversaries section of the Rogue Trader rulebook), which then attacks the nearest opponent. Enraged by its imprisonment, the Ebon Geist will fight until destroyed, viewing everyone present as deserving of its wrath. Since this makes the Vitridaemonicum nearly as dangerous to the user as to the target, these items are only rarely used by the sorcerer who created them. Most commonly they are given to henchmen, to be used as a weapon of last resort on missions against the sorcerer’s enemies. If the Ebon Geist kills the henchmen as well as their target, well, the elimination of ‘loose ends’ is sometimes an added benefit of a Vitridaemonicum…


Creation of a Vitridaemonicum requires Rare materials worth 3000 Thrones, a three-day ritual incorporating a human sacrifice, culminating in a Very Hard (-30) Forbidden Lore: Daemonology Test followed (if successful) by a Deamonic Mastery Test (see The Radical’s Handbook, p.163)- with the standard consequences for failure.



WS:36 BS:- S:36 T:(8)40 Ag:(8)45 Int:14 Per:45 WP:42 Fel:-

Movement: 8/16/24/48

Wounds: 18

Skills: Dodge (Ag), Psyniscience (Per), Concealment (Ag) +20, Silent Move (Ag) +20.

Talents: Heightened Senses (all), Swift Attack, Lightning Attack.

Traits: Consume Life*, Daemonic (TB 8), Dark Sight, Daemonic Presence, Fear (2), Flyer (12),From Beyond, Hard Target, Phase, Toxic, Unnatural Agility (x2), Unnatural Speed (x2), Warp Instability.

Daemonic Presence: All creatures within 20 meters take a -10 penalty to Willpower Tests as the air seems to darken, the temperature plunges and savage whispers echo from the shadows.

*Consume Life: For every sentient, living creature the Ebon Geist kills it immediately recovers 1d5 lost Wounds (this cannot take it above its starting total).

Weapons: Chill talons (1d10+3 R, Tearing, Toxic, Warp Weapon)

-Rogue Trader Rulebook, p.378


Greed is one of the many tools Chaos employs to corrupt humanity; a Hex-Lucre is a simple yet insidious expression of this lure. A cursed coin, it is tainted with warp energy, bringing misfortune to any who possess it.


A Hex-Lucre appears to be a common Throne Gelt coin, but closer inspection reveals that the symbol of the Golden Throne on the obverse has been defaced with the eight-pointed symbol of Chaos (unless one checks the coin specifically for something unusual, an Awareness Test is required to notice this; Psynisience will reveal an aura of witch-fire). Anyone willingly accepting the Hex-Lucre will suffer from a -10 to all Tests made while the coin is in his or her possession (multiple coins do not have a cumulative effect). Worse, the coin cannot be disposed of by any conventional means: if given (as gift or payment) or thrown away, it will simply reappear in another pocket or somewhere else on the cursed individual’s person- and the new recipient will also have a cursed coin to deal with. In this way whole communities can find themselves suffering from the malediction of a single Hex-Lucre.


An individual can only be freed from the influence of a Hex-Lucre by undergoing a minor exorcism- a religious ceremony performed by one with the Pure Faith Talent (see Blood of Martyrs, p.101). It requires 1d5 hours and a Difficult (-10) Scholastic Lore: Imperial Creed Test to rid one of the cursed coin (-and the individual performing the ceremony is free to levy any penance they feel appropriate).


These vile items are not intentionally made by warp-dabblers in the manner of other sorcerous artifacts. Rather, they are produced as a side-effect of certain interactions between sorcerers and warp-entities- beings which sometimes require a sorcerer to spread a certain number of Hex-Lucre among the general community in exchange for minor favors.



A twisted mockery of an Ecclesiarcal vestment charged with warp energy to abjure attacks, this item takes the form of a nine-foot-long strip of black satin, embroidered with red thread spelling out venerations to the Ruinous Powers in the Cursed Tongue. When a sorcerer ceremonially dons the ward-stole while uttering a prayer to the Chaos Gods (requiring a Full Action and an Ordinary [+10] Scholastic Lore [Occult] test), he or she gains 2 points of ward-based Armour, plus 1 point per degree of Success of the Scholastic Lore test (as with all ward- based armour, these points are not effected by Armour Penetration, but they are ignored by Consecrated or Holy weapons).



This is a supernatural guardian created through the use of unspeakable necromantic rituals. It appears to be the severed head of an elderly woman, with waxy yellowed skin, eyes rolled back into the skull, and a black tongue protruding from the mouth. Its dominant feature is a very long mass of iron-gray hair. Typically it is placed inside a container to guard valuable contents, where the hair grows to fill all available space. It can lay in wait indefinitely; if the Head is touched without first speaking a specific command word (set at the time of creation), it springs into action, flying into the air and emitting an ear-splitting wail while the long hair grapples everyone nearby, attacking until destroyed.


A Harridan Head is created in a 9-hour ceremony that culminates with the ritual decapitation of a woman who has been widowed for 13 years. The sorcerer must pass a Very Hard (-30) Scholastic Lore: Occult Test to empower the Head. If successful the sorcerer establishes the command word that renders it inert; if the Test fails the Head immediately attacks the sorcerer (using its normal profile) for 1d10 Rounds before expending its warp energy and expiring.



WS:40 BS:- S:38 T:(8)45 Ag:45 Int:- Per:35 WP:45 Fel:-

Movement: -/-/-/-

Wounds: 25

Skills: Awareness (Per), Dodge (Ag).

Talents: Combat Master, Resistance (Psychic Powers), Step Aside.

Traits: Blind, Constrictor*, From Beyond, Hoverer (5), Keening Wail**, Strange Physiology, The Stuff of Nightmares, Unnatural Toughness, Unnatural Senses (15), Writhing Tendrils***.

*Constrictor: A Harridan Head gains Unnatural Strength (x2) the second round it controls a Grapple against an opponent, and Unnatural Strength (x3) on all subsequent rounds that it controls the Grapple.

**Keening Wail: Every round that a Harridan Head is ‘active’, it emits a continuous ear-splitting shriek as a Free Action. This painful sound inflicts 1d10 B damage to the Head location of every non-deaf being within 10 meters (reduced by Toughness but not Armour), and renders verbal communication difficult. Anyone within range must succeed in a Hard (-20) hearing-based Awareness Test to hear anything above the wail. Also, the sound has a 10% chance of shattering anything made from glass or crystal (windows, monitor/ dataslate screens, light fixtures, etc). Check for each glass item each round; if shattered, it sends glass shards flying in all directions, inflicting 1d5 R Primitive damage to anyone within 1 meter of the shattered item.

***Writhing Tendrils: The Harridan Head’s writhing hair forms into tentacle-like masses which attack every living thing within 4 meters, initiating or maintaining a Grapple against all available targets as a Half Action.




Note that the high difficulty levels involved in creating these items are meant to be mitigated through the use of Dismal Texts- volumes of sorcerous lore and forbidden rituals. I plan on writing an article on blasphemous texts at some point, but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to that. In the meantime, you can simply assume that consulting Poor quality texts add +10 to sorcerous ritual Tests and require an Ordinary Willpower Test or gain 1 Corruption Point; Medium quality texts add +20 to Tests and require a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test to avoid 1d5 Corruption Points; High quality texts add +30 and inflicts 1d10 Corruption points- halved if a Difficult (-10) Willpower test is passed.

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There should be a 40K Roleplay blog that ensures that the most vital pieces of information from the forums don't get lost. And that one doesn't have to spend extensive time trying to find them. Stuff such as this, rules clarifications posted on the forum but not included in FAQs, etc.


If anyone wants to co-found it, I would be up for it.



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