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Elite Hunters

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Here is a quick 100 point list I came up with to hunt elite ships, especially the larger YT-1300 and Firespray. It is basically a crit generator, to try and disable ships quickly. It is only 2 ships, which would be trouble vs. a swarm, but your pilot skills are very high and the damage potential is also very high, which means that if you are careful not to engage the entire swarm at once the first strike damage may be enough to mitigate incoming fire.

Here it is.

Kath Scarlet + Homing Missiles + Heavy Laser Cannon + Seismic Charges + Marksmanship + Mercenary Copilot + Shield Upgrade (61)

Maarek Steele + Homing Missiles + Marksmanship + Shield Upgrade (39)

It isn't fancy, and it is definitely a one trick pony. On the other hand, the HLC will be able to generate crits thanks to the Mercenary Copilot, and the first one or two ships you shoot at are probably just going to disintegrate. Yes, a swarm will be tough but high hull ships and elite ships will find those crits to be very painful, and Kath will ensure that cancelling those painful crits will leave an opponent functionally disabled for a turn anyway.

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