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Grissenwald info.

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Hi, being an old warhammer player (played the enemy within campain back in the day of the first edition) and really like the world.

Like Many old players I have been worried about the 3rd edition being too much of a boardgame and have let it be… untill recently, I have just bought the basic box and must say I like many of the new features.

Anyhow, wanting to give the rules a spin I have started poking at a small campaign, I have the core outline of it and needing a suitable town to set it in I went to the web and found a very nice map of Grissenwald that suits my needs very well being a town with a dwarf "slum" and so on.

The problem I have is that with such a good map there is definently information to go with it but I cant seem to find in what publication it can be found.

I know of the stuff in Death on the Reik book but the map I have found is not from that publication and in any case the info on Grissenwald in there was not very exausting.

The most indepth info I have found is from the "Sigmar's Heirs" book from second edition but the map is not from there and in all all the info I can get is from the Reiklander Gazetter giving a few basic points like that it is ruled by Count Pfeifraucher, it has a pop of 4500, its main source of income is boatbuilding and that there is a dwarf shantytown as well as a ferry there.

Now I can make Grissenwald my own, put in my own wealthy Burgher class, my own seedy bars, my own points of interests, social structure and important persona but it would be both easier and better from a long time perspective if there is more indepth info on the town that I can use as a core, I would hate to have to readapt a purchased adventure there just because it is not based on my imagination :)

What I am looking for is info as to in wich book, what adventure in wich edition I can find it.

As is I have acess to most of the pre 3rd edition stuff all I need is a reference and if its in the 3rd eddition then great, what book is it in and Ill look into buying it.


Thanx in advance.

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Welcome to 3rd edition.

It has its issues but overall is great system that you can bring earlier (particularly 2nd) edition stuff into easily.

I take it you mean which 3rd edition book might speak to Grissenwald?  I have them all and I don't think any do. 

The closest you come is that Edge of Night, set in Ubersreik, has a Pfeifraucher NPC but nothing about Grissenwald.

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