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Central New Jersey X-Wing League!

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Hi all!

I am starting up a Game Night at my local brick and mortar store. We meet for the first time on 4/8/13! I know it may be slow going to build up a player base, but there are a few of us here very inspiried to make this happen. I hope to host regionals in 2014….

Check out our website for info, and please feel free to join us if you can! If you have any questions feel free to email me as well (address is on my website "contact us" page")

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I'm hosting an X-Wing Tournament in the Philly area:

Saturday OCT 26

7th Dimension Games
491 York Rd
Jenkintown, PA 19046

Time: 12:00 to 5pm
Proposed Style: 4 Rounds at 45 Minutes, 1 to the death championship round, 1 runner up round
Cost: $10 (to go to store credit prizes)
Fleet Size: 66 pts (yes, 2/3rds of a 100 pt fleet)
Maps: standard 3ft x 3ft. Some will have asteroids, others will have large obstacles (like a Rebel Blockade Runner), some will be straight up
RSVP: Please let me know in the Tounament thread if you are going to come.

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