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GM Chris

New Episode of the Order 66 Podcast, this Sunday night! Join us!

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After a few week hiatus for work, vacation, and holidays - the Order 66 Podcast is back THIS SUNDAY night!  We're returning to the hallowed halls of session design discussion this Sunday, with a long-requested return to our infamous show "The List".  The original "List" was one of the episodes that won the Order 66 Podcast an ENnie Award back in 2009; a simple, step-by-step guide of inclusion, to ensure that your encounters are the best they can be!  Now… updated for Edge of the Empire, baby!

So join us for the live chat and simulcast, this Sunday night (April 7) at 8:30pm CST!  Be there!  Or… be somewhere else… But preferably THERE!  :-D


Peace, Love, and Good Gaming!


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