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Anyone near Washington D.C? New Talisman player!

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Hello everyone,  Sorry if this is not the rightplace to post this (direct me to where I should).  I used to play Talisman quite often back in the day when I was much younger but I just got back into board gaming recently.  I have a small group of friends that I play with maybe once a month now but after reading Nidhögg's post/thread about his tournament, I would love to maybe find some people willing to get together and play some games.  I have all of the expansions for the 4th edition (frostmarch was very difficult to find int he end).


My local hobby/gaming store doesn't have too many fans of board games - they mostly play miniature wargaming; I found a group that plays blood bowl somewhat regularly but I'd lvoe to meet some cool people to get some games of Talisman or even Relic going.  Just respond to this thread and/or messge me if you are interested and in the DC/MD/Va metro area in USA on the east coast.





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