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Need Help Disassembling an Axis Transport

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I apologize if this subject has come up before but I couldn't find it with a google search.  Typically I've just painted my dust walkers in the main sub-assemblies they come in out of the box.  But with the open troop area and all of the spaced armor I want to try and disassemble the model (or at least the upper "vehicle" module)  and do a proper paint job.

I'm looking for real world feedback on debonding the factory glue on the model.  I've seen a number of posts recomending lots of potenital solvents (simple green, purple power, brake fluid, acetone etc).  I've even seen a post recomending you freeze the model to make the glue brittle.  While I appreciate helpful advice, I'm really looking for feedback from people who've actually tried it and how it worked.  Did it actually debond the glue?  Did it attack the plastic?  I really don't care about the factory paint, just the glue.


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