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Tourney Report: Black Saturday Brawl

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3rd Joust of 2013

Date: Saturday, March 30

Place: The Appraisery, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines


1st: Cuki - Lannister, Power Behind the Throne - Castellan of the Rock

2nd: Patrich - Stark, No Agenda - Bolton Refugee

3rd: Mike - Stark, No Agenda - Bolton Refugee

4th: Kiko - Stark, Siege of Winterfell - No Quarter

5th: Brian - Greyjoy, House of Dreams - Fear of Winter

6th: Ponci - Baratheon, No Agenda - Knight of Flowers

7th: Joscar - Targaryen, No Agenda - Long Lances

8th: Nikko - Greyjoy, Black Sails - Fear of Winter

9th: Pau - Martell, Knights of the Hollow Hill - Burning on the Sand

10th: Mikko - Targeryen, Knights of the Hollow Hill - Hatchlings Feast

11th: Mark - Targaryen, Maesters Path - Maesters Path

12th: Arvin - Targaryen, House of Dreams - Refugee of the Plains

13th: Victor - Stark, House of Dreams - Bear Island

14th: Peng - Baratheon, The Stewards - Knight of Flowers

15th: Richard - Stark, Siege of Winterfell - Narrow Escape

16th: Koko - Baratheon, No Agenda - Knight of Flowers

17th: Aerol - Baratheon, Knights of the Realm - Fury of the Stag

18th: Seth - Targaryen, House of Dreams - Long Lances

19th: Edu - Greyjoy, House of Dreams - Retaliation


House Count:

Targeryen - 5

Stark - 5

Baratheon - 4

Greyjoy - 3

Martell - 1

Lannister - 1

Neutral - 0



House of Dreams - 5

Knights of the Hollow Hill - 2

Black Sails - 1

Power Behind the Throne - 1

Siege of Winterfell - 2

Maesters Path - 1

The Stewards - 1

Knights of the Realm - 1

No Agenda - 5


This tourney had the best tournout in AGoT history in my playgroup both for CCG and LCG with 19 players and there were still at least three who were MIA. Considering that I only sent out the invitation three days before the tourney, the turnout was a very pleasant surprise. I sincerely hope we get this large a crowd or more in the next tournaments.


Stark and Targ had great representation as each had five players with those Houses with Stark getting 2nd, 3rd and 4th places.


I wasn't able to get a look at all the decks and their mechanics but I have an idea on how each deck ran on the input of how the matches turned out and the opponents' feedback.


Cuki brought his tried and tested Lannister PBtT hyper kneel deck. He crushed the Starks, Mike and Rich and discarded Nikko's hand and controlled his characters before Greyjoy control got the lockdown.


I wasn't able to get a glimpse of Patrich's deck but I heard it was fast and big characters which means Boltons. He cruised through his Baratheon opponents, Aerol and Ponci but had a grindout match with Vic's Stark Tullys.


Mike brought his Stark armies for the first time. He cruised through Koko and Vic but fell to Cuki and his Lannisters.Kiko is a new player in the meta and used Vic's Stark wolves for the tournament. It was fast, had a ton of kill and cruised through Aerol and Rich, but he wasn't able to escape Brian's Greyjoy winter lockdown.


Brian brought the same deck as the week before. He cruised through Kiko but got a taste of his own medicine with Nikko's Greyjoy Black Sails. I was able to get around his choke and control the board with burn in our match but he got an early lead and I couldn't make the difference.


I wasn't able to checkout Ponci's deck, but his matches were fast. Either he won fast which were against Edu and Joscar but was outraced by Patrich's Stark.


Joscar changed things up with his Targaryen deck by going with the Ambush theme this time around. He was able to rush both Pau and Arvin's decks but was outsped by Ponci.


Nikko came in with a newly constructed Greyjoy Black Sails deck that supposed to search for the right counter for each opponent. It happened exactly like that against Peng and Brian who almost had nothing left on the board at the end of their match. Cuki was able to jump this deck however and came out with the win.


Pau once again brought his Martell KoTHH that blows everything up but came prepared for a Brotherhood deck that so frustrated him the week before. He was swarmed by Joscar, but was able to bounce back against Edu. For the last round, he drew a by.


I brought another Targaryen KoTHH this tourney but focused more on burn instead of Ambush. There was still a healthy amount of Ambush but without the Long Lances, it wasn't quite the same. So I focused more on hard control this time and with more attachment hate as I knew some Starks were going to use their wolf attachments. I got an early lead with against Arvin but the match still reached the time limit with me getting the modified win. Against Mark, I knew what I had to do early when he played Spending the Winter Stores and getting Dragon Lore. So I proceeded in getting rid of his Maesters and discarding Dragon Lore right after it was played. Mark eventually conceded after I killed Balerion by bypassing him with stealth with Jhogo. My last match was against Brian. I was able to First Snow and Rule By Decree effectively and made him reshuffle his White Raven back to his deck which nullified his Wintertime Marauders. I also made sure he had no cancels in hand when I played Threat From the North and played Hatchling's Feast to discard his Murenmure and both Marauders. He had built a large early lead however and I didn't have much influence to play my Ambush effects to stop Brian's eventual win.


Mark drew a first round by as he arrived late to the tournament. He brought his Maesters Path Balerion engine deck and got me in as his first match. His next match saw his deck run over Koko's for the win.


Arvin brought his experimental Dothraki Army deck with the Pike Phalanx to the tourney. It wasn't running as smoothly as he hoped as he was only able to get a victory over Seth in the second round. Strangely enough, all of his opponents were Targ as he faced, myself, Seth and Joscar in the afternoon.


Vic, in his first tournament, chose to go with his Stark Tullys with Bear Island as his restricted card. He cruised with his match against Seth but drew Stark players in Patrich and Mike. He struggled with both Starks though he lost to Patrich with 14 power.


Peng brought Nikko's Baratheon The Stewards deck. The mechanic is for Knight of Flowers to get First Ranger and bulldoze everything in it's path. Unfortunately, her first match was against Nikko who dismantled her win mechanic. The next was against Rich who was just killing characters left and right. She finally got a win in against Edu.


Richard hasn't been able to join tournaments for the past months because of work but was able to join today because of the holiday break. He showed signs of rust as overrun by Cuki and Kiko but was able to squeeze a game against Peng.


Koko brought a spanking new Baratheon deck and was subsequently crushed by Mike and Mark. He drew a by in the second round.


Aerol brought his Baratheon Knights to the fore, but he was crushed by Patrich and Kiko. His last match with Seth reached the time limit with both at equal power. His standing was a tad better because of the strength of schedule.


Seth brought her Targaryen House of Dreams with The Dragon Pit as her chosen location. She was hammered by Vic and Arvin though but her match reached the time limit against Aerol.


Edu brought his Greyjoy House of Dreams this day but I'm not sure if it's the same mill deck he brought the week before as his restricted card was different. Unfortunately, it was a hard day for Edu as he was beaten by Ponci, Pau and Peng.


Thanks to Vic for having us at The Appraisery and making this tournament possible.

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Hi Danigral,


We do have access to all the cards. Shipping takes a while though as it can range from 2 to 6 weeks depending where the order was placed.

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