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Faith of Morr POD (March 2013)

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It looks good. I like that it feels like they seem focus slightly on the dreams of Morr and restless spirits. I'm looking forward to when my FLGS gets this POD:

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15 Action Cards
Inescapable Fate (Rank 1, Morr)
Threshold Line (Rank 1, Morr, Ongoing)
Steal Fate (Rank 1, Morr)
Morr's Benediction (Rank 1, Morr, Reaction, Benediction)
Death's Hymn (Rank 2, Morr)
Shared Fate (Rank 2, Morr)
Portent of the Raven (Rank 2, Morr, Ongoing)
Bar the Doors of Death (Rank 3, Morr, Ongoing)
Impending Doom (Rank 3, Morr)
Today Is Not The Day I Die (Rank 3, Morr, Ongoing)
Waking Dream (Rank 4, Morr)
The Gates of Sleep (Rank 4, Morr)
The Fear of Death (Rank 4, Morr, Ongoing)
Annihilate Undead (Rank 5, Epic, Morr)
Trade Deaths (Rank 5, Epic, Morr, Reaction)
2 Item Cards
Holy Pendant of Morr
Skull Censer
3 Information Cards
rules information, credits


RPGgeek.com entry:  http://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/140735/faith-of-morr

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