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Learning how to seed the dang room / Exploration action question

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Greetings, fright fiends… from an AH forum lurker for months; at last I emerge.  Always great questions asked there, but personally I never had any confusion all these years with AH, stayed sane + remained the same.  Until…

Finally branched out to MoM + played our first game the other weekend, will be explaining the rules went over pretty well except for one thing I can't quite understand yet:

1) When seeding the cards, for example let's say for 'Storage Closet' : (Nothing of Interest, Axe, Lock: Padlocked Door) - I can understand since there's only one door, that's the one that's has the lock on it… but then to explore it the Investigator would have to be in the adjacent room + use an action, right?  If s/he has the appropriate key then they could uncover the Axe on the same action, but then I get confused since they would need to use a Movement to go into the room + get the Axe.  Technically the Exploration cards are all on top of each other in the Storage Closet… ehm…

2) In a situation where there's more than one door I don't know which room should have the Lock.  I've only played Fall of House Lynch as Keeper + this might not actually be a problem the way they have you seed the cards in most stories, but I seem to remember a problem with the a Lock in the basement landing (2 doors) but the room itself has the Keeper seed it with one Lock.

3) Also the manual instructs you to put the exploration cards over the name of the room.  I'm already finding that it helps to have the name plainly visible, don't know what other people are doing in Exploration Card placement. Again, even though the cards are atop one another technically I'm picturing a locked door with the goodies inside the room (see #1).

Generally I'm just not understanding the 2 Moves + Action as it relates to Exploring.

I looked to see if this question has been answered already + didn't come across it… I'll be reading the manual again tonight to see what I missed.  Thanks all in advance.


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