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Create flavourfull Black Crusade Characters with ties to the setting and the available adventures

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I'm currently in process to start a Black Crusade Campaign (we already have experience with Rogue Trader). As we often do, i'm creating several characters, with stats and background, and the players will chose among them at the actual beginning of the campaign, and have a range of freedom to adapt those characters i create to their taste.

I do believe that, throught more or less deep modifications, most of Rogue Trader adventures and several of Dark Heresy adventure can be transposed to be suited for Black Crusade campaign. Hence i plan to make several of these adventures available to them if they choose so.

Of course, Black Crusade is mostly a sandbox game, but i wish to offer them many leads that, if they choose to follow them, could lead them to some FFG adventures, including some adventures from Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader.

In the process of generating interesting and flavourfull characters for players, and include some leads to various adventures inside their background, i humbly request for your assistance :) Indeed, i don't yet possess all the available adventures yet (i'll be buying them if i think they can be integrated within my campaign) and i certainly don't have enough time to read them all beforehand and spot all the interesting leads that i could insert in PC backgrounds.

So, for those of you who have already read or played through the various Rogue Trader adventures (well, not Into the Maw, Whispers on the Storm and Lure of the Expanse, since we already played them in our RT campaign), what leads would you suggest me to insert in players background?

One note beforehand: i'll start the campaign through the adventure "Broken Chains", which means the PC will awaken from a 200 years slumber, within an inquisitorial ship lost in the warp.

The characters i'm currently considering are as such:

- A Rogue Trader like character (but without the actual Warrant of Trade), born from the infamous Haarlock family. I'm thinking about making her an aunt of Erasmus Haarlock, who turned renegade and was captured by inquisition. Since she was in stasis crypt within a ship lost in the warp for 200 years, she escaped Erasmus' Haarlock famiy purge. I'm considering her to be strongly related to Mathias Haarlock (perhaps his mother?). Althought she is from the Haarlock Family, she soon turned as an infamous pirate captain in the Koronus Expanse, and committed various atrocities and chaos/sorcery/dark pact things that put the inquisition on her track.

- a fallen inquisitor. Previouly a radical inquisitor, he spent a lot of time studying the Tyrant Star, before even the Tyrantine Cabal was created. Indeed, several of his writings and his analysis of the Hereticus Tenebrae. Dabbling too much with the warp, sorcery and daemons (he had a daemon weapon and a daemon-host at his service) as well as some xenos, he ended up corrupted and was himself hunted by Inquisition. I'm considering linking him to some extend to Ferran Ghast or other rogue inquisitor, but there is a 200 years slumber in my way.

- a magos, probably from the Lathes, who was a free thinker and researched and studied archeoech, xenotech, warp and sorcery in a never ending thirst of knowledge. Judged as an heretek by his peers, he ended up in Inquisition custody. I'd like to link him to Magos Vathek, but i have no idea for now since Vathek doesn't seem old enough.

- a woman psyker. I'm considering making her a Malfian noblewoman, maybe an ancestor or relative to Myrchella Sinderfell. She has the Eye of Chaos and Slayer Limb (a combat claw)mutations (chaos mutations from Black Crusade rules). Possibly, she could be the former owner of various estates here and there in the Calixis Sector, and she might have hidden some occult artefacts or books before to be arrested by Inquisition. These could be a motivation to drag PC on various worlds

- an Astartes from the Death Guard, who took part in th Horus Heresy. He used to be an Apothecary back then, and since that time his hobby is to cultivate new toxins and biological weapons, or creating new chemical weapons. He could be behind any plague that stroke the Calixis Sector or Koronus Expanse

- an Astartes warlord from the Sons of Horus (he despises Abaddon and his so called "Black Legion"). He used to command many warbands across the ages and led many strikes on the Imperium.

- a genius voidship pilot and marksman. Not much idea for him yet, but considering to make him a Perpetual (a sort of mutant who seems unable to die, ala Highlander), like Ollanius Persson from the novel "Know no Fear". The guy could be around for a long time, but as time passed, he realized the tyranny and horror of the Imperium and slowly started to revolt and became a renegade. Being a Perpetual, he could have been anyone or anything through the time, from a soldier during our antiquity to a pilot during the Dark Age of Technology or Mordecai Haarlock personal buttler.

- a fallen Siste of Battle, loosely based on Miriael Sabathiel.

- an Heretek especially interested in genetical research and engineering

- a former psyker/assassin who worked in an Inquisitorial retinue, was transfomed into daemon-host before to be exorcised. She was arrested by Inquisition as well as the radical inquisitor she worked with (who may or may not be the inquisitor mentioned above).

So, i'm trying to connect all these characters to various published adventures, famous NPC or plot devices in the Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse. This could be from (old) family ties, former friendship or antagonism, subjects of research or studies, personal estates, stolen possessions, etc.

I'm especially interested in creating connexions and/or bonds with NPC, one way or another.

From what i have read about it, i think The Soul Reaver and the Warpstone Trilogy could fit my campaign very well, but i didn't buy them yet. Yet i'd like to prepare some leads towards these adventures, and include these leads into character's background. I have no clue about Vaults of the Forgotten (Edge of the Abyss).

Thank you for your answers.

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