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Doppelganger Grey Order Spell

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I got a question about the grey order doppelganger spell.

Last game session we discussed the effect of the doppelganger spell.

We were not sure if u can mimic the whole appearance of a npc.

Can you really look like that exact person or does the spell just made you

look like a random person of that species and not a particular one?

If u can make yourself look like a npc do have to see the person with appearance

you want to make the illusion of or can you make it out of your mind?

How is the spell handled in your group?


Thx in advance for incoming answers….


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As I understand your question you are asking if a casting of the spell will allow me to look like Joe the dockworker wart on nose and all or just like a random dockworker.

Personally I would allow you to tailor the spell to a greater degree, I would however put in additional strictures and challenge based on the situation, information and the like.

If the casting character for example has had time to observe the target, the closer the better, takes his time molding the spell, has acess to a large mirror or similar reflective surface and so on it would allow an attempt, for each such aid missing I would increase the challenge very quickly reaching the point where a person knowing the target would not recognise the person as the person you want to mimic.

The spell would still make you look like someone else, just not Joe.

Similarly at the best of times it would not be all that hard to spot that this is not Joe at close range, say get past a guard who has a good view of you.

From a distance it would be a different matter completely.


So in short, I would allow you to specify what you wich to look like but have that require more time/higher difficulty, the more specific you wish to be the more time/difficult it becomes.

As an example:
Using a move action to move out of line of sight (ex into an ally) and using the spell to look like random bum noone cares about would be as the card states.
Moving round the corner and changing to Fritz the cutthroat, face tatoo and all, friend of the guy following you would be if even possible before the following NPC turns the corner and spots you hard in the extreme.

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As a Rank 1 spell, allowing one to disguise self as a specific person seems "too much" to me.  That could well be a Grey Order magic but it would be a more potent one.

I think it allows you to pretend to be a monster type humanoid to pass among them or to be a different person of your own species to not be recognized, but not a specific person.

You can always use the small text links at bottom of page to send in a rules question.  I find they get answered in reasonable time.  If you do and get answer, please post.


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