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[Campaign Blog] The Mark of Chaos

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The backstory of the campaign is the threat of war between Bretonnia and Empire. The mistrust between the two nations was set in motion during our previous campaign. It took place at the same locations as this one will.


As I'm currently running another campaign with selfmade adventures I decided I want to run one with pre-written as a counterbalance. I have not actually done this ever so it will most likely be an interesting experiment for me too. I've chosen to run the official adventures I already have instead of buying the new TEW. Mainly because I already own them and have read them through.




We'll start with The Day Late… as most of the players come from Pathfinder having not played with WFRP3 previously. I plan to introduce the beastmen tribe from Gathering Storm here as a well as Aschaffenbergs. As the second part of the campaign will be Gathering Storm we'll let Aschaffenberg to be mildly interested in the actions of the characters.


Once the party has dealt with Stormdorf they'll be much more familar to the ruling elite of the area and Aschaffenberg will invite them to his lodge (Eye for an Eye). Dealing with the problems there lets the characters to grow in fame and they will be invited to Ubersreik for some down time (having already ran Edge of Night we'll not go there). I might introduce the adventure from Lure of Power here but as I'm not too keen on using daemons and mutants everywhere I think we must also leave it out.


I will move Witch's Song next and use the marshes presented in Gathering Storm as their location. The underground tunnel does not lead into sea but to Bretonnia. It is still a smuggling route and most of the threats presented will be there. I plan to you Fouldeath instead of the Witch if he survives tGS (if it does not get me into too deep problems). The dark elves are gone and repleased with Bretonnians.


As the finale of the campaign will play Crimson Rain again modified to fit to the Grey Mountains. No Norscan warriors but Bretonnian soldiers. If this does not satisfy the group we might end the whole thing with the epic WAAAAGH adventure from Hero's Call but since I don't own it that's a problem for the future.




All of this is just the premilinary plan. I'll keep you informed in interested of getting comments and suggestions!

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