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[Tool] 40k RPG Tools: Master Bestiary, Master Armoury, Library and more

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40kRPGTools.com is growing every day with more resources for GMs.  Here are some of the current features:


Master Bestiary  1500+ entities.  Every Stat'd npc in the 40k RPG universe with source book and page number.  Find critters fast.  

Master Armoury  1100+ weapons.  Complete listing of every weapon in the 40k RPG universe with stat block, source book, and page number.

Master Library  70 books.  Full tables of contents (even when the real book is missing one), and organized by type to help you figure out which book to get next.


Overall Features

  • Comprehensive: The goal is to be 100% complete
  • Fast Search Tables: just type in a few letters and get results immediately
  • Filtering Tables: filter your tables by book, setting, entity type, etc.
  • Interlinked:  Books reference their contents, master lists refernece their books and settings, etc.
  • Commentable:  Any item can be commented on if you find a mistake or want to make a note for other GMs.


Enjoy and tell me what you think!

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Very nice indeed!

Seeing it reminded me again about the idea to make a shop tool for 40k RPG games put I've been put off by the rather daunting prospect of collecting all weapons and armor for it. I would rather like the players use the gear they can get instead of just looking at the tables and selecting what seems to be best they can get their hands on and thus perhaps promote some more exotic choices. Hence the normal system produces a bit of a problem as it presumes that the player knows exactly which weapon (for example) he or she would like to try to get. I don't see this as a problem when they progress a bit and learn more about the technology but I would still like to keep those near unique items a surprise that may or may not come their way.

So I’ve been thinking about coding a small tool that would allow one to select the size of population (as per table 5-4 in Dark Heresy Core Rulebook p. 126) and then produce a list of which weapons are available in that particular shop by determining each randomly. The number of available items could be even determined by having the program roll again if a weapon appears on the list thus each hit adding to the amount.

Original idea was to take the quality into account as well. For example if a weapon has a 70% chance to be in the shop, a roll of 65 would produce a poor quality version of it. Also having the world type (as presented in The Inquisitor’s Handbook) to perhaps increase the chance for certain weapons and lower it for others would be nice but I did not think about it for the initial version.

But in any case an awesome job. Keep up the good work.

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Alekzanter:  Thank you!  I've posted it in all five and check in on the posts every day or two ;)  A sticky would be nice though!


Hooly:  Thanks for the kind words!  If you'd like to collaborate that could be fun to code it up as a web tool for 40krpgtools.com, if you'd prefer to do it yourself I can make the weapons tables available for you in whatever format you'd need (csv, json, xml). 


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