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Shub/Syndicate - Mi-Gos on the low road

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Ageless Mi-Go (SoA) x2
Extortionist (Core) x3
Hard Case (Core) x3
Harvesting Mi-Go (TTB) x3
Mi-Go Scout (Core) x3
Mi-Go Surgeon (SoA) x2
One of the Thousand (PT) x3
Syndicate Liaison (Core) x2
Mi-Go Commander (SoA) x2
Mi-Go Warrior (Core) x3
Thief for Hire (IotF) x3
Y'Golonac (Core) x1
Inter-dimensional Transporter (TTB) x3
Southside Speakeasy (IotF) x3
Dutch Courage (Core) x3
Intimidate (SoA) x2
Horrid Mutation (Core) x3
Burrowing Beneath (Core) x3
You're Outta Here! (TWC) x3
Ok, this concludes my series of decks built from Core Set, Secrets of Arkham, Order of the Silver Twilight and Rituals of the Order cycle. I'll start with admitting that this is the deck I'm least satisfied with. I have made several attempts but not been able to create a theme out of Shub and Syndicate that I really like. As you can see this is basic Mi-Go synergy with Syndicate tricks added.
Tell me what you think, but more importantly what do you consider do my a good Shub/Syndicate theme when using the sets I have?

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