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Imperial Jousting Tournament! Make a character and participate!

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WFRP3 Forums Jousting  Tournament 
I’d like to start a self-directed thread regarding an online Tournament for Jousting. There will be no GM.  The rolling is self-directed, and the players are allowed in and out of character talk in this thread. If need be, we’ll create an out of character thread.  Anyone may create a Knight and participate.  You do not need Omens of War as the rules are summarized and simplified below.

The event takes place in the Imperial Jousting Field outside Castle Reikguard and is headed up by Reiksmarshal, Kurt Helborg of the Reiksguard.  It is Vorgeheim 5th, 2252.

The Facts of this Jousting

The rules are simple.  Two knights face off against each other.  At a signal, they spur their horses into a gallop, level their lances, and attempt to strike their opponent whilst simultaneously trying to avoid or deflect the return blow.  When jousting in a tournament setting, the knights typically make three passes and score points for the accuracy and power of each of their strikes.

How to Create a Knight. 
Name him and pick an Order. If you want to create background, feel free.  Order from Omens of War:  Knights of Blazing Sun (Myrmidia), Knights Griffon (Templars of Sigmar), Knight of the White Wolf (Ulric), Knight of the Fiery Heart (Knights of Sigmar), Knights Panther (Crusader), Reiksguard (Emperor’s Guard).  Alternate: Grail Knight (of Brettonia).

Quick Jousting Rules
Each tilt is decided by an opposed Weapon Skill test with standardized dice for you and your opponent.  Today you will battle Sir Kieferkinn von Saponatheim, Knight of the Blazing sun (or another knight of your design).

How to Post your Dice Rolls:

1.        Open this website:

2.        Set it to roll 3 purple, 4 blue, 2 yellow and click ROLL

3.        Select All and Copy the entire page.

4.        Paste to this thread for 3 rolls. Give a few details between the rolls such as ROUND, character name, etc.

5.        If you or your opponent have to make any Ride checks, they are made at the end (for drama).  Copy and paste one roll as follows: 3 purple, 3 blue, 2 yellow.

6.        Score and announce your results (and don’t cheat :)

How to Score your Dice Rolls (Rules from Omens of War p.28+)
No successes = FAILURE.  You fail to hit the opposing knight, though he breaks his lance upon your armour. (1 pointyou’re your opponent)
+ (one success) Both you and your opposition break your lances. (1 point each)
+++ (three successes) You break your lance and manage to avoid your opponent’s blow. (one point for you)
EE (2 boons) During the tilt, your opponent loses his balance, and must make a Hard (3d) Ride check in order to remain in his saddle. (Failure = one point for you)
BB (2 banes) During the tilt, you lose your balance, and must make a Hard (3d) Ride check in order to remain in the saddle.
* (chaos star counts as a bane) A lance shivers, creating a shower of splinters.
C (comet counts as a boon) Grand jousting display impresses the crowd.

Here’s the behind-the scenes mathematics: All knights are equal and have the following dice for purposes of this skills (standard to ALL knights). Weapon Skill check:  Strength (4 blue), WS trained (2 yellow).  Neutral stance.  Challenge (3 Purple (all oponents get a bonus purple). Hard (3d) Ride check:  Agility (3 blue), Ride trained (2 yellow), Hard check (3d purple). 



Ok, run wild.

I'll create the first knight:  Sir Rudolf Heironemous of the Verdant Field (Blazing Sun Order) of Talabheim (adapted from Terror in Talabheim).  He rides a roan colored battle-bred warhorse.






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Ok, I'll give it a go.

My knight is called Sir Gaston de Bouvedoir he is a Grail Knight from Bretonnia

Round 1:

In his first pass he makes a deftly timed lunge and manages to score a perfect hit whilst avoiding his opponents lance (4 success). His movement in his saddle, to avoid the oncoming hit, makes him slip slightly in his saddle (1 bane). Due to his perfect attack, his own lance shatters into thousands of tiny pieces, the shards very nearly unseat him (Chaos Star). Fortunately, the roar of the crowd reaches Gaston and he manages to turn his slip into a stand in his saddle and a salute to the crowd (Sigmar’s Comet).

Score: Sir Gaston – 1, Sir Kieferkinn - 0

Round 2:

Gaston is now getting into his stride, using the crowd to his benefit he rides determinedly towards his opponent and once again strikes him perfectly on the chest (5 success). The strike is almost too perfect and his opponent is unseated by the sheer power of the hit (2 boons). His opponent only just remains seated due to the lance breaking so readily and easily on his chest (Chaos Star). Gaston is starting to think someone has been tampering with his lances.

Score: Gaston – 2, Sir Kieferkinn – 0

Round 3:

Gaston is starting to get wary of his own lances and so takes a different and more careful approach at this final approach, once again he manages to get a strike at the perfect position, but decides to take a hit on the final round, to see what happens with his opponents lance (2 success). Again, his opponent is very nearly unseated by Gaston’s hit , but is once again saved by Gaston’s lance shattering into pieces (Chaos Star). Gaston does notice as he looks back at his defeated opponent, that his lance has only lost it’s point – as it should – and not shattered completely, like all of Gaston’s!

Final Score: Sir Gaston – 3, Sir Kieferkinn – 1

Sir Gaston salutes the crowd and rides off back to his tent, muttering words of ‘cheating Imperials’. He decides it is best to celebrate his win with 1 or 2 bottles of his personal stash of fine Bretonnian Wine in his own tent.


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Umm, the roller didn't seem to work for me (copying it over) I promise the results I state were true - I really did get a Chaos Star every round! Anyone who has played with me, will know that this is normal!!

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Oh, these forums :)   I tested Firefox and Explorer and they don't show up.  The forums also ate my last post (and another I did the other day).  

If you want the copy/paste of your dice roll to show up you need to use Google Chrome.


Anyways, we have a new leader on the Jousting leaderboard!






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Just wondering did Sir Gaston win this tournament because everyone else fled in fear of his Chaos Stars!?!  Does it mean he wins the Golden Garter (or whatever the prize is) and is named the Knight of the Golden Garter? (Or another other title)

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Sounds like this tournament could use a villain.

I am Frieherr-Heir Ditmar Karlheinz von Tiegelkamp of the wealthy Altdorf von Tiegelkamps. I have a reputation as an almost-feral wild-child of the aristocracy. I was esquired into the Reiksguard at an early age just to keep me out of trouble, but it didn't work. Frankly, my father was worried I might one day kill him for my inheritance, so he did his best to send me off to war. I came back.

My armour has been enameled the deepest crimson. This contrasts starkly with the gleaming steel of my pauldrons, the shoulder cops of which are fashioned in the shape of crowned skulls. In many places the enamel has been chipped away by the blows of men and beast that failed to kill me.

A curtain of blood-stained velvet hangs over the dexter side of my shield to deny me the Imperial initials that remain emblazoned on my coat of arms. My brutal and ignoble behavior on the battlefield has assured that, though I am still bound to do the Emperor's dirty work, I will forever be kept beyond arms length. I am exactly the sort of man the Empire needs more of, if I do say so myself.

My entry into this tournament is to assure the Golden Garter does not leave the bounds of our Empire. No Brettonian dog shall paw at the undergarments of our realm.  Towards that end, at this morning's festivities, I had my squire slip into the armorers tent and sabotage the lances that had been set aside for the foreigner's use. Should he and I advance to the second bracket of the tournament, I'll do far worse.

My first opponent is Reinwald Hildebrand von Oligschläger. His lineage and description is insignificant. He is merely a bump on the road to me facing down the foreign dog I came here to ruin or kill. For the Emperor!

1st Pass:
I spur my horse to charging speed and aim square for the center of von Oligschläger's shield, confident I'll unhorse him. We hit hard, both of us breaking the tips of our lances and shuddering in our saddles. (2 successes)  There's a tearing sound that worries me, so when i get to the end of the lists I inspect my shield. (1 bane)  The sash of shame has been torn diagonally, but it still covers the Imperial sigil so I don't need to replace it before the second pass.

Score:  von Tiegelkamp 1,    von Oligschläger 1

2nd Pass:
We charge again. Both our lances connect solidly and the impact is jarring. (1 success) I am the better horseman, though, and I remain in my saddle. Through the slits in my visor, I can see the blurring form of von Oligschläger as he is dramatically dislodged from his horse. (2 boons on my roll. Opponent fails his ride check.)

I race to the end of the lists.  As I do so, I briefly play with the idea of heading back down the lane and galloping over the stunned body of my opponent.  No, that is a disgrace better saved for tomorrow and the Brettonian.

The crowd is cheering. I wheel my horse about to salute them, only to realize it's not me they are applauding. Von Oligschläger is on his feet already!   He must be very nimble, sturdy, or both. (2 boons on his ride check, so though dislodged, he recovered quickly.)

Score:  von Tiegelkamp 3,    von Oligschläger 2

I have the advantage in points. A simple win should be easy if I were to play it safe and smart. Too easy.  The crowd seems to like him. That will not do.  I'm going to break this man.

3rd Pass:
This time, I aim high, to strike  von Oligschläger in the throat. It's a risky move, hard to connect, but devastating if it does. I don't care if he hits me back, as only 1 of us will be walking away from this if I have anything to say about it.

(Here I would be rolling a Reckless die if the rules of the tournament allowed it.)

As my weapon races towards him, that coward von Oligschläger raises his shield high to protect his head. My lance connects to the shield and the tip breaks off with a loud crack. He stays upright, but his desperate defense threw off his own aim. He missed me and my shield entirely. (3 successes)

There was, however, a familiar ripping sound. He missed the shield itself, but not the sash of shame. I wheel my horse about, nearly crashing into the seats.  The cloth was thrown high, and now lazily drifts toward the earth. I reach out to catch it in the air, as that will show them all that I am the master of this bloody sport. They will cheer for no one but me after this.

Just out of reach… leaning out further… my horse continues to turn… over-extended… I am face down in the dirt. (3 banes to go with those 3 successes. My resulting ride check is a failure.)

The crowd is a mix. Laughter, cheers, swoons, and boos. From my position on the ground it's hard to determine the proportions or quality of the noise. My horse rears some more before galloping away.

My squire rushes to my side, but insist on regaining my footing without him. I flip up my visor and glare at that still mounted but unarmed von Oligschläger bastard. He extends his arms in the air, and the crowd cheers again. The smug git thinks he's won. My hand inches towards the hilt of my sword.

But now I am surrounded by the Masters of the Lists and the Master of the Revels, as well as a half dozen squires, stable hands and armory boys. Someone lifts my opponents lance from the dirt. It's tip is unbroken, a clear sign of a miss, though they do reward him as if he were responsible for my faceplant. By points I have won, so the Master of the Lists clasps my gauntlet and raises my hand.

Score:  von Tiegelkamp 4,    von Oligschläger 3

It is a hollow victory, as the crowd clearly favors the other man and my enamel is caked with dirt and manure.



 I storm off, my squire at my heels.  He is carrying the torn fabric of my Sash of Shame.  As I take it from his hands I order him about, "Boy, fetch the fine bottle of Brettonian Blanc from our tent, and offer it as a sign of my respects to von Oligschläger… so he knows there's no hard feelings."  

My simpleton squire asks for clarification. "The one you had me piss in, sir? I thought I was supposed to put that in the foreigner's tent tonight."

It is so hard to get good help these days.

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