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[Tool] 40k RPG Tools: Master Bestiary, Master Armoury, Library and more

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40kRPGTools.com is growing every day with more resources for GMs.  Here are some of the current features:


Master Bestiary  1500+ entities.  Every Stat'd npc in the 40k RPG universe with source book and page number.  Find critters fast.  

Master Armoury  1100+ weapons.  Complete listing of every weapon in the 40k RPG universe with stat block, source book, and page number.

Master Library  70 books.  Full tables of contents (even when the real book is missing one), and organized by type to help you figure out which book to get next.


Overall Features

  • Comprehensive: The goal is to be 100% complete
  • Fast Search Tables: just type in a few letters and get results immediately
  • Filtering Tables: filter your tables by book, setting, entity type, etc.
  • Interlinked:  Books reference their contents, master lists refernece their books and settings, etc.
  • Commentable:  Any item can be commented on if you find a mistake or want to make a note for other GMs.


Enjoy and tell me what you think!

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