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Axis walker - the Lothar II- scratchbuild artillery walker

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The Lothar II walker

Background: The German artillery walker Lothar II is a major improvement over the original Axis Lothar walker design. Boosting a now internally mounted and controlled MG48 machine gun, improved sloped armour protection and a crew of two (instead of one in the original Lothar), the Lothar 2 is an ingenious versatile artillery piece. German commanders have already placed numerous requests to replace the older Lothars in the field with the new Lothar 2 types as soon as possible.

Construction: The Lothar II walker is based on an old AT-43 red blok Odin walker with additional rocket launchers, visor and machine gun. Actually it is a rather simple conversion to do, but it turned out to look really great :)

More pics and some WIP pics can be found on my blog (see signature). Hope you like it :)







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