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Epic play session last night but need morrr

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I played GOW with some friends last night. They have never played tabletop games before and I thought it would be a good idea to start with GOW. It's not a competitive game, it's easy to learn and it's challenging.

Needless to say that their minds were blown. Being mostly PC games enthusiast, they have never been exposed to these kind of board games. We played until the early morning hours and they simply couldn't get enough.

After finishing the first game, one of my friends asked me why people don't know about these games? They never heard of them and I don't blame them. The only board games that you can regularly find in my country are the Monopoly crowd.

I have been a tabletop enthusiast for a few months now and my collection of games are growing very nicely. Still, very few of my friends have played these games with me. They simply sneer at the idea of playing on a flat surface with cards, dice, cardboard and "dolls".

I find it extremely difficult to get people interested in playing tabletop games.

What is the psychology behind this mental block that most people seem to have towards tabletop games and most importantly, how to break down those preconceived notions?

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I know what you mean about trying to convince people into gaming.

Recently at a works night out, nobody could think of an activity - so I suggested a game night… everybody looked at me like I was crazy (except the few work colleagues that are gamers like myself). They instead suggested a Pub Quiz.

What they didn't realize at all was that a Pub Quiz IS a game… a points based game based on obscure knowledge. It was pointless trying to convince some of them though, they couldn't get past the "games are for children (except the games that I enjoy)" mindset.

Had a conversation like this:

Resistant Work Colleague: "Nah, games are for kids"

Me: "I guarantee I can find a game that you'd enjoy"

RWC: "Not likely, I hate boardgames"

Me: "Do you play chess?"

RWC: "Yes, of course I do"

Me: *raise eyebrows and stare*

RWC: "Chess is different though…"



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