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Battlefleet Koronus: Voss Defiant CL Launch Bays

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a question:

see this thread:

I reasoned this on what kind of launch bays the Defiant has:


FFG Defiant launch bays:
I looked more into it:
In the starship weapons table there are the following entries for Jovian Launch Bays:

Jovian-pattern escort bay - hull type: light cruiser, cruiser - str.1
Jovian-pattern landing bay - hull type: cruiser - str.2

Jovian Pattern Escort Bay background: designed specifically for light cruisers to fit on the hull.

Endurance space: 58, lowered with prow torpedoes: voss pattern torp tubes = space 5, thus total space clean = 58+5 = 63

Defiant space:55, lowered with Jovian Bays: escort bays = space 4. 4+4 =8
55+8 = 63 Ding.
With the bigger landing bay it would come on 55+12 = 67 space

With all this we can assume that in Battlefleet Koronus the Defiant comes with the Jovian Escort bay.
These are str1 per side, for a total of 2.

And thus half strength of the bigger bay on Mars & Dictator. Thus FFG says the same as BFG always did:

Defiant str2
Dictator-Mars str4



Would that be correct in yours opinions?



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I'd like to second this: this question has been being debated on this forum and others since at least 2011 without an offical statement or a clairification in the Errata.

The Str 2 makes slightly more sense (follows the rest of the ships with the same ability, makes the ship balanced compared to other ships in the same price range) but the Str 1 matches the space stat (assuming the Defiant gets no bonus for the Carrier ability) and is stated to be for light cruisers, which the Defiant most certainly is.

So, is this a case of the ship's profile being added in addition to the Endeavor to specifically grant it an exception to the ship size requirement for those launch bays?  Because otherwise this does not make a whole lot of sense as a decision of what to include in the book, particularly with options that are much easier on the point values for a carrier with two str 1 bays.

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