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Basic advice you can't find in the books.

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I have dabbled in dark heresy and got the rogue trader handbook. And I thought I knew the system until I actually played the included mission in dark heresy… turns out I didn't know the important things. (how to balance out fire fights, the importance of grenades, pinning, pysker powers etc)

The topic title says it all, basically what I would like is advice on the games, advice you can't find in the books, things you only know about after running games for some time. Some things that might actually go against what the book says but works better. Or a simple five year old explanation of complex yet important rule. Any advice will do. 1d4chan's advice was for dark herasy as follows.

1. when in doubt, use grenades

2. Give players with low BS (adepts) something with high rate of fire, and let him do pinning to make them feel apart of the combat

3. Give player with high BS somethign that fires single, high powered rounds. 

4. its okay to push them hard as long as they know they are going to be hit hard. 

5. always be prepared for characters losing appendages.

6. Always always always be prepared for perils of the warp (which might cause rule #5 to come into effect.)


Is there any advice like this for Rogue trader? It would really help. 

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