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Player Combat Round redesigned

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I wanted to change original adjust stance + maneuver + action to a more eloborated but yet equally simple system.

See page 2 for Player Combat Round

Design notes:

Stance track change is now optional and available via maneuvers of which each player will have 2 per round. This allows two stance changes without moving etc. Also, all "gain free maneuver" nicely contribute in changing stance.

With my Advanced Combat Maneuvers, manuevers can be used for minor adjustments to combat aswell (fortune, misfortune etc)

Players may also perform two actions per round: one dealing direct damage (combat action) and one "buff / debuff" action. Spells fall into these categories respectively. I always considered all those actions that "potentially give a condiation or fortune / misfortune" a total waste compared to dealing damage to your opponents. What is your round worth if you could only do one such lame action and your other party member deals healthy 15 points of damage killing the opponent? In addition, this allows priests and sorcerers to cast a combat spell each round.

Sometimes, players would like to get "still one more action" and allowing that with one fortune feels like a good cost and more use for fortune dies as well.

Additional maneuvers beyond first two will cost 1 and 2 fatigue each, capping maximum maneuvers to 4 altogether.

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My NPCs enjoy a lot of freedom when it comes to rules ;-) They do what is necessary to keep the action going on - they are the story element. Only dice rolls are open and public to get the feel of fairness and simulation.

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