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Show off your fleets

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jetsetter said:


e4DRgo  Well let's hope the pics upload.   Have I ever said how much I hate this forum's picture interface!!!




in the top right of the edit screen you can add image by clicking on the image icon and paste the URL for your photos and adjust them to size. For mine to fit correctly, I had to adjust the size to half from photobucket


just make sure you are using a direct link as opposed to an image link., I found this out the hard way

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All the links go to BoardGameGeek, the images are available in larger sizes there as well.











…and here they are in their storage box:


There are two empty slots in the TIE layer; I've ordered another two TIE Interceptors for those. Should arrive this Friday.

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4 x Tie

2 x Xwing

1x Intersepttor

1x Tie advance

1 x Falcon

1 X Y Wing

Just need to get a Slave1 and A-Wing

I am aiming for torni play stocks at the mo as the Falcon, Slave one, Intercepter and A wing arnt legal yet for torni play.

But having   larger collction is good.

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