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A few quick basic questions

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Area are has been activated by Latari elves, so the proper activaction token was placed via mobilize (order #2). Can then in the same season a human uses his conquest( order #3) card to activated the same area, that was previously activated by Latari elves. So two different activation tokens would be in the same are (Latari elves and human). Is this allowed by the rules. Because it only says that a palyer may not activate an area that already contains "friendly" activation token.

When you win the battle and took over and area, you had 10 units so two of those units ahve to be reatreat due to are maximum 8 units. are those two units routed even though you won the battle?

in the revised edtion errata it says that some changes are not applied if you play epic variant (8 years and seven runes) can you please tell me which changes. And i will play the basic game + expansiosn. It only says in the revised edtion gameplay changes that epic play variant from original edition of runewars is not compatible with these new changes, which?


Thank you!


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1. Once an activation token has been placed, the area cannot be activated a second time by the same player. This does not stop another player from activating it, however (unless he also already has an activation token in said area, ofc).

2. p. 18 clearly states "excess units must retreat to a single area". p. 22 adds "when a figure retreats, it is always routed".
So, yes, the excess units that cannot remain in the conquered territory must be routed.

3. Have to take a guess here (I don't own the revised, but the original edition) but I think the epic game variant strongly contradicts the rule changes in the revised edition and is incompatible:
  - 1 rune is placed in the homerealms during setup - this contradicts to the first runes being placed outside of and not adjacent to the home realms.
  - a player who controls 7 dragon runes instantly wins the game - contradicts the victory cards and the "hold them for a year" mechanic that was introduced in the revised rules.
  - no false runes and always face-up runes - don't think there is a major problem here.
However, I doubt that the epic and the revised styles go well together.

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