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Looking for new soundtracks.

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Hey I've been running my campaign for nearly three years now and I've been using the same soundtracks for two of them.  I'm hoping some one out there can give me some new peices to use.

I would prefer soundtracks so longs without lyrics. 

Video game or movie soundtracks are prefereble and any recomendations would be great!

Here are some pieces I've found really nice.

The Priates of the carribean sountrack works well for ground battles and boarding actions: 

(for just general sailing around)

When in port and making aquisitions or at the start of a promising endevor I use the Windwaker sound track to give the game a more light hearted feel.

Space battles obviously need battlestar galacticca:

And for exploring alien ruins or just setting off into the unkown I find the Halo soundtracks work very well: 

Silence is good for really tense social interactions.

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Bear McCreary is a god of sci-fi soundtracks so Battlestar Galactica is a must have, but he has also done the Caprica spin-off series soundtrack which is a bit more mellow and the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles soundtrack which is pretty cool too.

If you want something a bit more dystopian then i quite rate the Neo-Tokyo soundtrack

And lately i've been using the Mass Effect soundtracks also. 

Between those 5 sources (BSG, Caprica, T:TSCC, N-T and ME) you have multiple days running time of soundtracks to work with so shouldn't get stale in your campaigns.


Final note - have something prepared for Cantina style encounters that isn't the Star Wars cantina music - it may be funny but it realy detracts from the setting.

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