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Questions about event cards and travel

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While playing a solo game I drew a new event card which told me that I needed to place a major spawn on red and yellow as soon as I spawned one red  card discovered that the blip pile on the left-hand side depleted. I'm told according to the rules that at the end of any phase you you are immediately supposed to travel and follow the steps of travel. Before I traveled I found that I couldn't place a second card on the red terrane card because there were no cards left. So my question is how is it possible to complete that phase if you're not able to place another card due to lack of cards in that current pile. Would you just place the available cards onto that current terrain and then continue to place the other available cards to the other Terrian card.

For example I drawn event card which tells me there there are two major spawns on red and yellow. The red terrian card is on the right-hand side and the yellow terrian card is on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side I only have one card in my blip pile. On the left-hand side I have three cards in the blip pile. According to the event card I should be able place two cards on the red train but cant. From this point forward do I place one GS card on the red and then place the other cards on the yellow terrian card and then proceed forward with the event card and then continue on to travel? Thank you for your help guys and I hope this can be cleared up.

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