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Advice needed on adding greyjoy and martell to the game

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A big hello to all you fellow game of thrones enthusiasts!

I have looked at forums discussing how to make martell and greyjoy decks using 2 core sets but i have only the one myself! In addition to this i have just purchased the kings of the sea and princes of the sun expansions (reprint versions) 

So my question is this:

Can you make a greyjoy and martell deck out of just the two expansions that stand a chance against the core 4 decks (which are completely unmodified)?

I am not looking at playing in tourneys etc just to have 6 fairly even decks to play with as a group of friends! Bare in mind I am supplying all the decks and cannot afford any further sets at this time. 

Alternatively, any suggestions on decklists built from the 2 expansions mentioned and core set that produce 6 decks that have a fairly even chance of victory?

New to the game and really appreciate any experienced thoughts :D Thanks



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I think you can, considering that the core decks contains less than 60 cards you don't need all the cards in the expansions. The big issue is the plots - those in Kots and PotS doesn't fit their decks att all. Try swapping them around for more suitible owners. Or proxy  - that way you can get Valar Morghulis and Wildfire Assault (valuable game resets) in more decks.

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