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Where can I find the decks that Jeremy used to win the World Champion?

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If I remember right they were:


Weyland (49 cards)


3 Hostile Takeover

2 Posted Bounty

3 Private Security Force

3 Priority Requisition


3 Ice Wall

3 Wall of Static

3 Enigma

3 Shadow

3 Data Raven (6 influence)

3 Archer

3 Hadrian's Wall


3 Melange Mining Corp

2 Snare (4 influence)

1 Corporate Troubleshooter (1 influence)


3 Hedge Fund

3 Beanstalk Royalties

3 Scorched Earth

2 Archived Memories (4 influence)


Gabriel Santiago (45 cards)


2 Corroder (4 influence)

2 Femme Fatale

1 Ninja

1 Yog.0 (1 influence)

3 Parasite (6 influence)

3 Datasucker (3 influence)

1 Sneakdoor Beta


3 Desperado

2 Bank Job

2 Crashed Space

3 Armitage Codebusting


3 Account Siphon

3 Inside Job

3 Forged Activation Orders

3 Special Orders

3 Easy Mark

3 Infiltration

3 Sure Gamble

1 Stimhack (1 influence)


If I could go back, I'd make a few changes but overall I was happy with them.

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