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Questions re: Two Player Variant

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I've had this game since it came out, but I've only gotten to play three times so I don't know all the strategies.

Last game I played was 2P: I was Wood Elves and my friend was Orcs.

We both chased fans first. After that, I looked for Team Upgrades next, then Staff. From what I saw, he either went for bigger pulls or Staff Upgrades.


Biggest thing we both saw was that Spinting was king; I always had more players to assign and won almost all the matchups. The first week I think I had all my players in my hand (two guys with double sprint and both wardancers with their response triggered). It seems OP in a 2P game.


I've read the game is balanced, but is this only in a 3-4P game? 

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Garthnait said:

you only can commit 6 players from your hand to matchups, regardless you have more cards in hand (because of headlines).
Is that a fact?

I thought the Streneous Workout(?) that makes all players draw an additional two cards meant that all eight cards had to be played.

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