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X-Wing centric mode

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I like the app, but in X-Wing there is a lot of shuffling of dice around based on attacking or defending pilot/hull, range, abilities, and any obstacles in the path.  It's fairly rare that each roll will be the same number of dice.  In addition, it's a bit slow to clear all the dice and swap between defense and attack dice.
My idea is an X-Wing mode to the dice app.  This would be especially useful on an iPad to share between two players.  The app would have two sides.  The attack and defense side.  Each side would have some quick buttons to swap out the number of dice.  Each side would roll separately.  The attack side would roll their attack, use a target lock, use focus, use pilot abilities, then the defender would roll their side.  All on the same device.  The app could even have a ready state the attacker could set to allow the defender to roll, so they kinda of lock their attack in.  Once the defender does their roll and any modifications, the app could present a summary of total hits (before evade tokens or whatever).
The same concept could work on a phone with the screen swapping, I think it would be a bit much to do a split screen on a phone.  I wonder with bluetooth if it would be possible to link two instances of the app, to make a dual screen version of the same thing on two phones.  Maybe that's entirely crazy.

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