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Not rolling success or failures?

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I am completely new to role playing games.. I just recently purchased Star Wars Edge of the Empire beginner game box and am planning on hosting a night with my mates who are also new 

I realise it is a learn as you play version, but I wanted to be prepared for the night so I had a bit of a go by myself playing as GM and PCs to help the night run smoothly and not get boring or annoying.

Straight away in "encounter 1: on the run" I made 41-VEX blend in as a droid serving drinks. I take that as a Cool skills check (1 yellow dice and 1 green) , then added on the difficulty die, rolled and came up with:

blank green

1 threat

2 adadvantage

So I end up with one advantage but no success or failure of the skill check.. What do I do? Re roll and forget about the advantage or did I miss something?

apologise for long windedness of the question

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if you didnt get at least 1 success, the check is a failure.

You are still able to spend your advantage, which is the high point of the system…failure can still do something useful or helpful in the situation.


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