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Help Needed (Stark Deck)

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Hi All,

I'm kinda a thematic player, and I'm oposed to a real Jaime (we play both joust and melee with the same deck). Could use some help with my deck to make it work :)



2 Arya Stark

2 Guardian Wolf

2 Meera Reed

3 Shadowcat

2 Ser Mandon Moore

3 Ranger of Winter

2 Catelyn Stark

3 Maester of Last Hearth

3 Direwolf Pup

3 Wolf Pack

3 Carrion Bird



1 Northern Cave

1 Hidden Chambers

2 Storm Dancer

1 Tower of the Hand

1 Lord Eddard's Chambers

3 Great Keep

3 The Roseroad

3 The Searoad



3 Winter Reserves

3 Endless Endurance

3 Winter is Coming



2 War Horn

3 White Raven

1 The Long Winter

1 Deep Freeze

1 Crown of Winter



1 The Winds of Winter

1 The Minstrel's Muse

1 Respect of the Old Gods

1 A Time for Ravens

1 Winter Festival

1 City of Lies

1 Storm of Swords

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