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Suggested rank of the PC for these adventures?

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What PC rank is best for these adventures?

Mirror of Desire (Lure of Power)
Horror of Hugeldal (Signs of Faith)
The Witch´s Song

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Each of these can be played with any rank character as they are not epic.  Edge of Night is probably better played with a "rank 2" character as there are some tougher elements, and the theme indicates that the PCs may be around Nobles for a stint.

This gets into metagaming, but rank doesn't really alter the power of a character (because they begin so powerful already).  

The main determinants of power, in my experience, comes down to:

  • Total Soak
  • whether or not you have a character with reckless cleave (or equivalent),
  • the number of characters in a group (5+ warrants additional minions and at least one more NPC lead)


A new character already has a very high chance to succeed at any action.  Going from 85% to 95% is pretty much irrelevant and typically just means that the characters will have to use fewer fortune points.  :)


If you do decide to play them with higher (rank 2 or rank 3), just increase the difficulty of everything by one purple.  It's an artifical kind of thing, but it works to at least keep some element of challenge  :)





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