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High level PCs-addional talents

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So for the game I run, a number of the PCs have basically run out of advances and as we have quite a large party they don't really need to "multi-class" into other feilds. Therefore they have asked me if their was any addional talents they could sink their points into.

Another problem my party had was with the randomness of critical damage, namely they wanted to track veichles so they could be easly salvaged but due to how critical damage works you could quite easily blow up the target vehicle instead.

So combining the problems led to one solution:

By making an Arduous (-40) called shot and providing that the attack makes it through the targets armor and Wounds/Structural Integrety; the character may instead use up to or below the highest rank bought to the targets critical rating. Other talents that improve critical damage do not apply when using this talent, Talents that improve Called Shots do apply when using this talent. As this is a called shot the character can choose the target location as per the called shot rules. The Critical Damage used in this way does not stack with normal damage as per rightous fury

Example: "Tank Ace Hutson is targeting a heritics leman russ; He make makes an Arduous (-40) called shot with a effective ballistic skill of 50, He rolls well, a 05! after rolling damage he would normally have done 13 damage to the Leman Russ's Structual Integrety but chooses to use his 'Critical Targeting (Ground veichle)' Talent which he currently has at rank 6 dealing 6 critical damge, Crippling the heritic's Motive Systems."

Critical Targeting (Humanoid) Teir3 Finesse, Ballistic Skill

Critical Targeting (Monsterous Creatures) Teir3 Knowlage, Ballistic Skill

Critical Targeting (Ground veichle/Walker) Teir3 Tech, Ballistic Skill

Critical Targeting (Flyer) Teir3 Agility, Ballistic Skill

Critical Targeting (Void) Teir3 Perception, Ballistic Skill

Critical Strike (Humanoid) Teir3 Finesse, Weapon Skill

Critical Strike (Monsterous Creatures) Teir3 Knowlage, Weapon Skill

Critical Strike (Ground veichle/Walker) Teir3 Tech, Weapon Skill

Two Attributes

Rank 1: 100xp

Rank 2: 200xp

Rank 3: 300xp

Rank 4: 400xp

Rank 5: 500xp

Rank 6: 600xp

Rank 7: 700xp

Rank 8: 800xp

Rank 9: 900xp

Rank 10: 1000xp


One Attribute

Rank 1: 150xp

Rank 2: 300xp

Rank 3: 450xp

Rank 4: 600xp

Rank 5: 750xp

Rank 6: 900xp

Rank 7: 1050xp

Rank 8: 1200xp

Rank 9: 1350xp

Rank 10: 1500xp


Zero Attributes

Rank 1: 200xp

Rank 2: 400xp

Rank 3: 600xp

Rank 4: 800xp

Rank 5: 1000xp

Rank 6: 1200xp

Rank 7: 1400xp

Rank 8: 1600xp

Rank 9: 1800xp

Rank 10: 2000xp


If its not clear, there are multiple talents depending on how you attack and what the target is. Other ideas and critique are welcomed

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On the additional characteristic ranks- Personally, I do not think human charcteristics should surpass 60, as then you are entering the realm of Space Marines and the like.  Something better than humans.  Even in Ascension, the advanced rules for Dark Heresy, where you were playing humans at their utter limits, they only added another 2 +5 increases, for a total of 6 (or +30).  However, that is up to you. 

Secondly, if you want to add high-level talents, consider adding a 4th tier for them.  It would cost correspondingly more than tier 3 talents.

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Sorry the wording may be a bit confusing, those aren't characteristic upgrades. Once you have bought the critical targeting talent you must buy the corresponding ranks of critical damage. (I also relised I didn't mention that they must be bought consecutivly)

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In my games I allow players to make special called shots by first making a scrutiny test to identify the make and model of the target. Then make an appropriate lore test to identify weaknesses in the target. Exact specifics are too situational more me to have it any more hard and fast than that.

As far as needing things to spend xp on, how about comrade upgrades. Im not talking about just new orders, but more like using xp to convert the redshirts more and more into functional npcs, still under thier players control like the comrade normally is.

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