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Any hopes for reprint in the older art sleeves?

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The title say almost everthing but if you want to know something else se what happened to me here in Brazil

I buyed a package of arkham horror art sleeve from Art Sleeves Wave 2 that i really liked the art.

Only one cause need to test how well this fit in the arkham horror cards (since they are smaller than the sleeve)

It was perfect, the art sleeve is bigger than the card but its no problem at all, the quality is so big that even without cards you can shuffle it.

I buyed the same month another 5 packages of sleeves, so i wait (this was in march 2012)

This exact package is the only one until today in my life that  never has been delivered, its long simply lost in the way.

After 6 months the online store refunded me but surprise! no more of arkham horror art sleve in stock

And no art arkham horror sleeve in nowhere that ship it internationaly , so i just sad.

FFG you are simply my only hope help me and everyone else that want these art sleeves.


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