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GM Chris

Episode 6 of the Order 66 Podcast is UP - yes… WITH Jay Little!

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You've got to love Jay Little.  Not even illness can keep the man down.

Despite feeling like the floor of a taxi-cab… despite us telling him to chillax and REST… he would not dissapoint.


Which means that we're coming at you this week with a brand new episode featuring Edge of the Empire Lead Designer, Jay Little!  We talk about social combat and influence encounters, and how you can use the narrative dice mechancis and player social contract to make NPC vs. PC influence reasonable and fun.  So grab your debate gavel, sharpen that silver tongue, and bluster will ALL your muster as we get into some social engineering, on Episode 6 of YOUR Order 66 Podcast.

Again, big thanks to Jay for braving the wilds of illness to be there for all of us!

You all can find this episode in iTunes, or download it directly from our feed:

(Direct Download Link:


Peace, Love and Good Gaming!


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