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New Navigator House. The House Aleen.

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Greeting Truedragon here. I like Navigators i really do and i love most of the detailed houses found in the Navis Primer. But I really like Nomadic Houses and the ones in that book are nothing but unfortunate bluebloods and crazy people. So i decided to make my own house. Mostly i did this because i wanted to play a space gypsy. So take a look and tell me what you think.




For as long as anyone can remember the Navigators of House Aleen have been vagabonds, rich vagabonds but vagabonds non-the-less. Even their own archives do not go back to a time when they were not a house of nomads. They live, dress and act like space gypsies. No one outside that house really know if it is an affectation or that is just how they are. Instead of the stiff mantled robes other Navis Nobilite wear, House Aleen choose to wear brightly colored, haphazard garments, though anyone with an eye for it can see that these are not rags but the finest silks. All House Aleen Navigators are possessed of some measure of wander lust and try to get positions on far ranging vessels whenever possible. They are extremely skilled at charting never-before used warp routes and do so with a near manic relish. However, they have been known to, on occasion, declare an unstable new route safe, just so they could get the chance to see where it would lead. “Just crazy enough to work” is something of a family saying. Indeed no one has ever accused them of being completely sane, even if they are highly functional in spite of their eccentricities. House Aleen have longstanding traditions of storytelling and music. Every member of the house owns at least one instrument, usually one made from the bones of their ancestors. It is not uncommon for one of them to join a ship's voidmen to trade songs and stories over drinks when not on duty.

Unlike most Navis Houses, House Aleen does not maintain any planetary palaces. Instead all house members not assigned to navigate ships live in vessels that have been converted into space faring palaces and migrate slowly from one sector to the next. Somehow they always seem to know to leave a sector a decade or so before any major calamities break out like warp storms or xenos invasions. When one of their 'home ships' comes to a new system it will dock with a space station and serve as an ad-hoc recruitment/representation mansion for a few decades. The home ships of House Aleen will cycle through the port worlds of a sector for a century or so before the House Novator decrees that they are moving to the next sector. There are very few sectors that they have not set up shop in at one point or another.

Most recently House Aleen has come to the Calyxis Sector and they have been here for a half century so far. In all that time at least one of their ships has been docked at Port Wander supplying Navigators to the flurry of ships rushing through the Maw Passage to the Expanse.

Due to their migratory nature House Aleen sometimes has trouble establishing marriage contracts with other Navis Houses. Most often they try to make contracts with other nomadic Houses that they have come in contact with before. In particular, House Aleen has made more marriage contracts with House Brabazon than any other, as House Aleen members are among the few that have the patience to deal with the mad House's large list of paranoia. Due to this bond House Aleen considers itself an ally of House Brabazon, though it is not all-together certain if the feeling is shared by that bunch of loonies. Still marriage contracts often aren’t enough so House Aleen has adopted the practice of adopting wayward Navigators into its fold. Exiles, renegades, and the last survivors of broken Navigator Houses have found a home with House Aleen, indeed the Aleen Novator is rumored to be one of the last survivors of the destroyed House Nostromo. This practice has brought them under the scrutiny of the Adeptus multiple times but their open nature about all their affairs has seen them through these times of suspicion.

One of the first service contracts House Aleen signed in Calixis was with Rogue Trader Aoife Armengarde who won an exclusive service contract through her skilled negotiations with the House Novator. Since then every Armengarde Dynasty ship or convoy to enter the Koronus Expanse has had a Navigator from House Aleen. This has turned out to be a very profitable relationship. The skilled Aleen Navigators have enabled Aoife to penetrate into some of the worst warp shoals to reach lost treasures and she has been more that generous with her gratitude and this has forged a bond of respect between the House and Dynasty.

Recently there has been friction with House Visscher who sees House Aleen as interlopers. Also many of the Calixian Navigators adopted by House Aleen have been betrayed, in one way or another, by House Visscher so there is a growing distrust and rivalry between the two clans. Also disaster struck when a ship carrying a dozen Navigators of House Aleen to Footfall was raided by Rogue Trader Krawkin Feckward. Rather than ransom the Navigators back to their house, he instead sold them to pirates who enslaved them to navigate their vessels. This has earned the eternal enmity of House Aleen, which is bringing resources to bear on hunting Krawkin Feckward down, including putting a price on his head.


Character Creation: Navigators from House Aleen are created using the rules for Nomadic Houses.

Family Grudge: Navigators of House Aleen have long memories for those who hurt their family and many of its adopted members are bitter to those that ruined their former houses. But they are also loyal to those that have earned it. Therefor they begin play with Rival (Feckward Dynasty), Enemy (Feckward Dynasty), Rival (House Visscher), and Good Reputation (Armengarde Dynasty).

A Motley Assortment: House Aleen's habit of adopting strays and orphaned navigators, no matter their origin, has contributed greatly to their stores of secret Navis knowledge, and to their list of eccentricities. House Aleen Navigators start play with 1d5+2 Insanity Points and 1d5-2 Corruption Points, however, when selecting powers at character creation House Aleen Navigators select one Navigator power in addition to the Lidless Stare power. This chosen power is immediately boosted to Adept level but may never be raised to Master level.

Bone Music: House Aleen has a long tradition of music and story telling to pass the time on their endless voyage. All members of House Aleen learn to play at least one instrument, which they often made themselves, often made out of, or incorporating, the carved bones of their ancestors. House Aleen Navigators start play with Trade(Musician)(Ag) and Trade(Scrimshawer)(Ag) as trained skills. They also start with one Best-quality musical instrument of their choice.

Signature Ritual: The Navigator finds a large open space in the ship (preferably with good acoustics and without loud machinery). There he builds a large bonfire that includes a good amount of hallucinogenic incense. Once it is up to a good burn he dances wildly around the fire while playing his chosen instrument. While dancing and playing he sees visions in the fire and hears portents in the echoes of his music. When attempting to determine the status of a Warp route, a Navigator of House Aleen gains a +10 bonus on the roll if he performed this ritual before hand. He also gets a +10 on any roll to locate the astronomicon if this ritual has been performed in the last few hours.

Family Flag: Black, crossed with Gold X, with a green feather in the center.

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