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Yog-Sothoth and politics - a Yog/Silver Twilight deck

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Cannibal Ghast (Core) x3
Disgruntled Chef (TOotST) x3
Errand Boy (TTB) x3
Faceless Abductor (TOotST) x3
Lord Jeffrey Farrington (TOotST) x3
Many-angled Thing (TGS) x3
Senator Nathaniel Rhodes (TOotST) x3
Wealthy Sponsor (IotF) x3
Constricting Elder Thing (IotF) x3
Mayor Atkinson (TOotST) x1
Fishers from Outside (Core) x2
Ritual of the Construct (TOotST) x3
The Deodand (TSS) x2
A Gate Opens (PT) x3
Unspeakable Resurrection (Core) x3
Unbound! (TOotST) x3
Fist of Yog-Sothoth (TWC) x3
Steal the Soul (TOotST) x3
I've given myself a few constraints for this one. I aim to make 4 well-rounded decks from my collection being 3x Core, Secrets of Arkham, Order of the Silver Twilight, the Rituals of the Order Cycle plus Shifting Sands. I wanted to make them dual-faction to make all factions represented.
For this one I wanted to play around with discard and found Senator Nathaniel Rhodes, Wealthy Sponsor, Unbound! and Ritual of the Construct. Mayot Atkinson is there if I want to burn my entire hand.
For supporting the reccursion theme  of Yog I added creatures with coming into play effects, such as Many-angled Thing and Lord Jeffry Farrington. The Fishers from Outside also make for a nasty mid-story suprise with Unspeakable Resurrection.
I'm also thinking I can boost Disgruntled Chef with Errand Boy, Faceless Abductor and A Gate Opens or even Unbound!.
It's crude, it hasn't been play-tested and it has no neutrals, but I plan to add them later when I see when which deck needs what. What do you think?
Feedback is welcome, but take my constraints into consideration please. More decks will follow. :)

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nice. good to see youve got your head around some of the synergies and working with them.

just as some feedback and what my procedure for the same process to begin playing, you'll notice there are 4 factions (2 Ancient / 2 Human) which are great at combat and 4 factions (2 Ancient / 2 Human) which are great at refreshing, and i tried to mix these together in a 1 and 1 basis from Ancient and Human combined, both so that players get a feel for which they prefer, and understand (and appreciate) just how important ALL the icons are. from memory it was something like:

Agency (combat / investigation) - YogSothoth (terror / refresh)

Syndicate (combat / investigation) - Hastur (terror / refresh)

Cthulhu (terror / combat) - Miskatonic (refresh / investigation)

ShubNiggurath (combat / terror) - Silver Twilight (refresh / investigation)

or something like that. only other pointer is that without a full card pool to deal with the Khopesh of the Abyss, then i'd probably leave it out of the decks for now to avoid a single card dominating the play. carry on and keep it up ! hope you enjoy building and playing !!

(also if you install lackey it has some marvellous filters to narrow down cards that go together and for building decks with cards you dont have, so after a bit of playtesting on the site you can refine and know which AP's are next to buy !!).

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I've always wondered how Silver Twilight's "theme" of dumping your hand would really work in practice. It seems like a bad idea, but I can see that pairing it with Yog would be good since it's the best with recursion. Since you might be playing out of the discard a lot, consider bumping up Atkinson. Also, with the abilities that trigger off of characters getting discarded or destroyed or sacrificed in story phase, I would consider Arcane Hunter, probably over the Chef.

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Actually I think the Chef is a better choice because she triggers on "leaves play" as opposed to "enters discard from play". Bumping Atkinson might be a good idea, I am also considering Devious Architect.

After some test draws I wonder when I can justify playing Wealthy Sponsor, there always seems to be a better card to play.

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