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Tourney Report: All-aBoard Event by Gaming Library

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1st of Joust 2013
Date: Saturday, February 23
Place: All-aBoard Event by Gaming Library in Robinsons Galleria, Manila, Philippines

1st: Nikko - Greyjoy, Maester's Path
2nd: Pau - Martell, Knights of the Hollow Hill - Viper's Bannermen
3rd: Mike - Stark, Siege of Winterfell - Fury of the Wolf
4th: Arvin - Targaryen, Heir to the Iron Throne - ?
5th: Brian - Greyjoy, Kings of Winter - Fear of Winter
6th: Dylan - Neutral, Brotherhood without Banners - Narrow Escape / Threat from the East
7th: Cuki - Baratheon, Knights of the Realm - Narrow Escape
8th: Koko - Stark, Siege of Winterfell - Search and Detained?
9th: Meeks - Targaryen, Knights of the Hollow Hill - Search and Detained
10th: Mik - Martell, Alliance (Baratheon) - ?
11th: Seth - Targaryen, House of Dreams - ?
12th: Nicco - Baratheon, House of Dreams - Narrow Escape

House Count:
Targaryen - 3
Stark - 2
Baratheon - 2
Greyjoy - 2
Martell - 2
Neutral - 1
Lannister - 0

Knights of the Hollow Hill - 2
Siege of Winterfell - 2
House of Dreams - 2
Maester's Path - 1
Kings of Winter - 1
Knights of the Realm - 1
Brotherhood without Banners - 1
Alliance - 1
Heir to the Iron Throne - 1

We had a good turnout with the first Joust tournament of 2013 with 12 players attending. Hopefully, the trend continues with each monthly tournament in the future.

After grueling round 2 and 3 matches that almost reached the time limit, Nikko, the reigning Nationls Champion of 2012, bags his first tournament after an eight month absence. He came in using Greyjoy with the Maester's Path. It's no coincidence that he also took last year's nationals with a Targeryen Maester's Path.

Pau, one of the newer member of the meta, had his best finish showcasing a Martell Knights of the Hollow Hill that uses Westeros Bleeds, Prince's Plan and much icon control. His was the achievement of the day when he was able to bring out The Red Viper with 2 duplicates and eventually attach a set of He Calls It Thinking on him and periodically kneel all defenders with a Lost Oasis. Ouch!

Mike came in with his ever reliable Stark Siege of Winterfell that focuses on the direwolf attachements. He's been tweaking the same deck since last nationals and making it an even more efficient as seen in his third place finish.

Arvin has seen his share of tournament wins last year all with different themes of House Targaryen. That day, he came in with his Heir to the Iron Throne centered on Dragons. A fast deck that is able to weather resets, his only loss was to Nikko in the second round.

Brian, better known as The Maniquis, came in with his ever reliable Greyjoy Kings of Winter choke deck. With a deck that needs time to set up the choke, Brian fell to Mike as the direwolves were just too fast and was put in the defensive early on.

Dylan came in with a never before seen Neutral House with the Brotherhood without Banners agenda. With a surprisingly resiliant deck that features much card draw and enough control elements, Dylan was able to surprise most opponents with the tricks of his deck.

Cuki came in with his Baratheon Knights of the Realm deck that combines the knights theme with Baratheon lords.

Koko used a Stark Siege centered around Boltons. His power count with his two loses were 11 and 12 respectively making him the highest power total with a 1-2 record.

I came in next with the same deck that won me the last tournament in December. A costly decision of mistiming Marched to the Wall cost me my first match with Pau. I steam rolled over Nikko with a timely Hatchlings Feast that he couldn't recover from. My match with Dylan saw us through plot ten with almost reaching the time limit before Dylan finally outlasted my deck and got his fifteenth power in Dominance.

Mik came in with a Martell deck with an Alliance to Baratheon.

Seth used Mik's House of Dreams Targ with Dragon Pit as it's key location.

Nikko experimented with a Baratheon House of Dreams with The Iron Throne that really was unfortunate enough to meet 2 hard control decks and a faster Bara deck.

Many thanks to Gaming Library for hosting and giving A Game of Thrones LCG opportunities for tournaments during the monthly All-aBoard.

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